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Samuel Deva

Is it worth it to "live off the grid" ???

based on initial start-up costs of living off the grid- the monetary recovery of initial investments...

I just read about this today this product will also grow plants 24/7​50F8


If you can it is the best way to go.


if you live in California, they give the best rebate for solar insallations, other states, it hardly worth it, other that getting one for your water heater. Only if you can afford it, its worth is.


I did actually research this ALOT

Samuel Deva:

Rodale Press has quite an assortment of books on this, too... Mother Earth News is a reputable source, also...


been reading mother earth since I was 15

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Any investment that allows you to recover the intial outlay would be preferable to the alternative

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