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How bad do you think our economy is?


Well I live in Michigan and its pretty bad!


It's very bad! Here's how this works. Fuel prices went off the chart. The farmer now has to pay more to keep his farm running so he charges more. The trucks that haul the produce and milk have to charge more to keep the trucks running. The processing plants have to charge more to keep the plants running. The grocery store has to charge more to pay for the additional costs. The consumer now pays much more for the gallon of milk, pound of cheese, bag of oranges. They didn't get a raise and they are now paying more to put gas in their car just to drive to work giving them less money to spend. People have less money to spend so they are spending less so stores are not selling as much as they were. Walmart lost a ton of money last quarter. Stores are selling less but have the same overhead, more actually because all utilities have gone up by now so they are charging more on top of the fuel increase prices. Household goods such as furniture sales and televisions have gone down because people don't have the money so of course factories are now producing less of these items and laying off workers.

This week last year I paid $2.40 per gallon of diesel fuel, last week I paid $3.50 a semi gets roughly 5 - 6 mpg and everything you own has been put on a semi at least once, usually multiple times when you consider raw materials to finished product. Fuel prices have to be passed onto the end customer who didn't get a raise. Meanwhile interest rates drops and people were given a false sense of security. Lower my fuel prices and you will have more money to spend. Oh wait, what was Exxon Mobile's profit last year, record high I believe.


no i keep hearing how bad the economy is but my company has more work than it ever did

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