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Which candidate is promising the most to the folks?

How much would Hillary vs. Obama vs. McCain cost us. How much would Hillary's or Obama's new programs actually cost us? I always figure take the number given and multiply it by 3. Am I wrong? Which one would actually give the economy the best chance to bloom again. Of course economic downturns are cyclical... and Congress actuall has more controll.

Clearly that would be Hillary. It's obvious she'll say anything and pose government as the end all solution to our problems...problems she helped create and continues to support.

she and john 100 years mccain are the "government can solve all your problems" and "government is too big so i'll cut taxes for corporations and the rich" and neither one of them asks for your help except in the form of votes and campaign contributions.

they exhort their tired old themes from podiums paid for by special interests.

they represent the imperial presidency.

oddly enough, obama is the only candidate who has demanded more from the american people. has offered encouraging words about the promise inherent in our taking an active participation in our governance. he's the only candidate who has invited the american people to work with him instead of trying to convince them that he alone has the answers.

he's the only one who is saying to us that it's OUR country and that it will prosper only if WE take a more active role because the government is by us, of us, and for us.


Obama's will cost a lot 1.3 Trillion+; an interesting article on the cost of Obama's Programs. My multiplier rule pushes this up to 4 Trillion+.


who cares. money is nothing when compared to hope.


I would rather my tax dollars go to social programs than to the war in Iraq. Is it fine with you, twr07, that trillions have been spent on the invasion of Iraq?


Wrong answer. I just went to the CBO and all anti-terrorists actions combines cost approximately 14 billion a month. A lot granted, but not trillions. In fact to date, the total cost of all actions since 9/11, appear to be about 740 billion. And no, Johnson's Great Society is a failure. All spending on more social programs does is damage the economy, raise the unemployment rate and create more dependency. THE insistence of social programs.


What kind of social programs, nonnam? No wait, let me guess...
Handouts to minorities?


14 billion a month could go a long way --supply health care to the uninsured, improve our educational system, help people who are facing foreclosure, and improve our economy.
In this country there are many people living pay check to pay check and they are not only minorities. People living under the poverty level who are employed but cannot make ends meet are the people who need assistance. The unemployed or people who work part time and do not earn enough are already receiving government assistance through the welfare program. The people in the middle are falling through the cracks. I am not advocating handouts but I do believe we should reach out our hands to help those less fortunate. My philosophy does not come from my democratic leanings, but from Jesus.
It is shameful that in this country many people are suffering.


Nonnam, so what are we supposed to do when we're attacked, hit them with our welfare checks?


Iraq did not attack us! Geez, I thought everyone knew that fact.


Hands down, that would be Obama.


Clinton's offering free medical care, Obama's offering $4,000 a head for college, and McCain's offering a two page tax form.


Obama's health care plan is not considered socialist because it would exclude 15 million people...there are 858 million Americans, which means it excludes less than 2% of the population to be called "not socialism"

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