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To insure fair pricing, should electricity, natural gas, & vehicle fuel be government controlled?

With some private industries posting record profits, the consumers are taking it in the shorts.

Guess you never googled "Southcom"... your "LOL" was not appreciated...


Was that about the misspelling of sergeant?


excuse me for that- i have glaucoma, and misspell many words, not all get caught by spellchecker...


Sorry to hear of your eye condition. Now, if we knew each other personally and I made an ill comment towards you I could understand your not appreciating it. However, since we don't and no offense was intended, I'm sure your level of intelligence will assist you in recognizing that. :)


No problem, at all- just wanted you to know that I saw it, not that there was a problem. I accept your answer, completely. "Hail, and Well met !"


NO WAY!!!!!! Free market. supply and demand and so't control = bad management, shortages and surpluses and excessive waste. Um, something like a socialist state...and well, look what happens to them in the long run. Ever think about taking a couple economic courses, just the basics...micro...macro....and getting a feel for how it all works?

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Stop complaining and being so envious and buy the stock.

Many stocks are selling at bargain basement prices. Exxon, for example, had disappointing earnings last quarter. (Yeah, they should have earned more because they did not pass along the increase in crude oil costs to the gas pumps!) Because earnings are less than expected, the stock price has dropped.

Buy enough stock and the energy companies will be paying you!


It is a question only. But, some companies, Enron is the first to come to mind, like to manipulate the market.


HELL NO !!!!!!! You need as much competition to ensure fair prices not a monopoly. Trust me the government is not there for your best interest.


Yeah vote for him


The State of Texas dropped its regulation of the electric vendors with the idea that competition would mean lower prices. The problem is that they need to regulate the companies that produce electricity.


No. The long and the short answer. We either have free markets, or we don't.

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