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Wouldn't just general lower prices thwart the looming recession ?? Who wouldn't spend more then ?


Yes, but you have to see past the corporate profit margin spread sheet and actually go into the business and see "what's happening." Sam Walton had the right idea when he began. We need somebody like him.


More quantity at a lesser price with the quality remaining constant .


Yes but can you realy see that happen?


Soon as producers come to the conclusion they want money instead of higher sticker prices .


No....if you lower prices, you also have to lower wages.


yes it would in most areas but with all that money the want their share plus.


Maybe it will leave only the smarter better producers able and the incapable ones (of which there are) gone .


Because they would be spending more than they are really earning. Its gloal earnig nowadays in this small pond.


Yeah good point !

Aquarius the Brett:

It's more about wealthy people and corporations backing brand US and spending into excess but they are busy crunching nobody's due to financial stupidity in the burbs. If they backed off and boosted confidence then no recession effect is taking place any longer and the market might feel safe on US soil in 2008, but maybe the damage is done!

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