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Defend ur rights

Can the US dismantle the Corporatocracy running and still maintain a reasonable standard of living?

What would it take to restore the Republic that the Founding Fathers envisioned?

Good one.
I don't see this as black & white. I don't think the suggestion here is to get rid of all corporations and have the people/government own everything. The asker isn't suggesting communism because that certainly isn't what the Founding Fathers had in their minds.
I think the asker is looking at the vast influence that major corporations have in our lives. Look at oil prices. Look at farm subsidies (going mostly to large corporate "farmers") and other forms of corporate welfare. Look at the mountains of regulation much of which is written by the biggest fish; you think the mountains of FDA regulation don't completely shut out small start-up drug companies which effectively cements the leadership of the big pharmacutical companies? The list could go on. Add your own.
So the question is really whether reining in this vast pervasive influence would wreck the economy. Would the good that taking them down a peg would do, would that be offset by economic chaos?
I have no doubt that the Founding Fathers didn't have Exxon and Pfiser and Microsoft in mind. I don't know the answer to your question, but I sure do hope there is one.
Like I said, good one.

Defend ur rights:

Thank You RichM,
At least someone understands my question. I don't know that we can find an answer here but maybe we can at least get people to start thinking.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Thats called Communism........not my standad of living choice, though


You pegged it right on, m&m!

Defend ur rights:

This question has nothing to do with communism. It is about taking control of the government away from the global corporations, restoring US sovereignty and returning power back to the people as intended by the Founding Fathers.


free enterprise = greed money ruins everything

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