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Could the USA move 65% food crops to ethanol production, destabilize oil markets and lower oil costs


Crude oil price $138
Grain price $138


Of course they can, not to belittle Brazil nor my fellow Brazilian native neighbors, but if they have been successfully doing it for the past years, even before this "oil frenzy" WHY couldn't the most powerful country in planet Earth do it as well??
Well, the clue is in "most powerful country..." that's why it's powerful, because the US is business oriented, instead of "common sense" oriented... and they have tactics and reasons to go though this ... not saying that they are correct, but, remember people, as "free" as we think we are, everything is calculated and infiltrated by our Government.


Could the removal of 100% of the USA's food crops of the world markets, enlighten others to lower the cost of Oil.


Of course it's possible, but that's a huge shift which means two things:
1) it'd take awhile to get it done
2) with the majority of food agricultural crops taken out of the food stream (exactly as your question states), food prices would spike and there'd be starvation in certain parts of the world and the fallout from that wouldn't be pretty.


Just like the spike in Oil, in "certain parts of the world and the fallout from that wouldn't be pretty." it'd may take awhile to get it done but all good things come to people who plan ahead.

USA crops, sold to USA Distillers, to make ethanol sold to USA refineries, making blended fuels sold to you at the gas pump in home town USA
(Just a small part of what could be a bigger part of a closed loop system)

Its nice when people see (1 - 1 = 0) and how agricultural crops could be used to help dampen needs on the world stage.


Not likely. Cars are not designed to run on pure ethanol, and not all crops are well suited for ethanol production. Corn is probably the best, but doesn't grow well everywhere. It also takes a lot of fresh water to grow corn, so crops in areas without irrigation are at the mercy of the climate.


Good point, But, wouldn't it be cheaper for us to overcome this obstacles, or even purchase corn instead of oil??

Blue Gypsy Rose:

the USA could drill for oil within our own borders to provide fuel for cars....crops should fuel humanity, not vehicles!....


No, crops should be used to meet the needs of it's owners.
Let the business market economics drive how and why crops will be used.

Just like Oil markets control how Oil will meet the needs of it's owners.

1 - 1 = 0


Using food crops for ethanol is a little dated. Using algae is the newer and more effective method. Distillers get a few hundred gallons of ethanol per acre of corn. You can get a couple thousand gallons of ethanol, plus raw material for biodiesel and leftover 'protiens' can be used for feeding livestock with an acre devoted to algae production. Here is an article...​ost%


Yes, everything comes at a cost.

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