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Why do people not realize they are being played for fool by politicians when they say tax the rich?

Tell me one time in which a poor person ever created a job? Do you not realize that when taxes are increased on the rich they just bury there money to protect it as they like anyone want the most return for their investment? Do you not realize that some of the richest Americans are politicians and that when the pass a tax that will effect them they will make sure that there is a tax cut or shelter to protect their money? Tax the rich or tax cut for the rich is just something to stir the pot and make people angry or excited depending on which one they are talking about. They are just playing anyone that fall for the rhetoric is a fool that they have a great time laughing at. Do you want to be their fool?
QB Kate:

I has always been so!


Well, the ones who pay are the small business owners. They are punished by lazy poor people, and rich fat cat politicians! ******boooooo!*******


Yes, true. But until we have voters willing to stand up and tell the politicians how we want are government to run they will continue do the same old same old. Voters must stop just complaining get off there duffs and write, call, email every congressman/woman, and/or senator over and over again until the roar is so loud they cannot ignore us.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

We did that twice in the last year when they....Congress tried to cram comprehensive imigration reform down our throarts.....This would have allowed 20 million lawbreakers to get off scott free.......This voice was led by Conservative talk show radio....Limbaugh......Hannity and Beck


Exploiting class envy is a tried and proven method of getting votes. People will vote accordingly but don't ever seem to notice that they're actually the ones that end up paying more. People also don't realize that the govt. doesn't generate revenue, it comes from the citizens (all of us). The bigger govt. gets, the more it costs us to pay all those salaries.


How many companies or corporations do you know who have located their head quarters over seas in order to avoid paying income taxes in the US. Those companies dump American workers close factories and relocate overseas and are given huge tax breaks and pay nearly nothing on the profits then quietly live abroad and in the US avoiding paying any form of income taxes altogether. Those are the parties who enjoy American Capitalism and it's freedom and contribute nothing and cry about their tax dollars.


BI, you're wrong. American citizens have to pay taxes whether they're living here or abroad. Companies shouldn't pay taxes. The people who run the companies and work there pay the taxes when they receive their income. Making the company pay taxes is double taxing. That money could be spent to hire more people who would in turn pay taxes. You don't understand basic capitalism. If you want socialism, you should live in France.


I understand it perfectly well and flourish from it as we speak and will do so for several generations after I am gone. Find out how the rich and famous really live and it will make you really sick. You might want to live in France yourself.


Wouldn't want to live there but I do like their wine.


Actually companies are taxed and they pay them by raising the prices. They move overseas not to avoid taxes but to be able to compete with foreign products that the producers do not have to meet a fraction of our regulation. Some of which are needed but most of just to please extremist but all oppress productivity. They also do not have to deal with labor unions.




Those "poor" corporations. They gladly take the tax breaks given them by our "benevolent" government and then move their factories out of the country taking jobs away from the american worker. These displaced workers have no jobs or are taking lower pay jobs which means they are making less money so are paying less taxes . Runaway "corporate welfare" and a government that is beholden to the contributions they receive from the corporate lobbyists are the real problem in this country. New tax laws should be passed to penalize corporations who take their manufacturing out of the country. We should implement duties on all Chinese imports. These corporations took those jobs to China at a fraction of what they were costing here and are still charging the same or more and pocketing the difference. The tax breaks allowed by our government is in effect a "reward" for taking the bread out of the mouths of our workers. These members of congress have shown over and over that they feel they are above reproach. They continually and blatantly tax us and spend our money to benefit their lobbyist friends. We need a new congress. Let's get out and elect one. If we don't, then we truly are their "fools".

Blue Gypsy Rose:

because the majority of people, or FOOLS, have no legal power.....we are at the mercy of the BIG FAT CATS or better RATS that MAKE THE LAWS and LEGALLY BRAKE THEM over and over....the same that enforce INJUSTICE for ALL instead of JUSTICE for ALL, as the FOREFATHERS wonted!


You do have power. Do you know how to write a letter, email, or place a call? Do you know people that know how to write letter, email, or place a call? Then start calling, writing, and emailing every single congress man/woman. Get everyone you know to do the same and then they get everyone they know to do the same etc. If enough people make enough noise they will listen because they want to be re-elected. Just sitting on ones duff and complaining does nothing. Until you get involved don't complain that you have no power because you are not exercising the power you have. Be part of the solution not part of the problem.


Its all about the Bottom Line... If you owned a business and was making record profits...You would not Hire more employees that would cut into that profit.... Trickle down economics doesn't work... If you have a fat wallet you will not open it to share with others... and that's just pure common sense and if your company could save tons of taxes buy moving over seas you would do it and the heck with your employees especially since you can get cheaper ones and that will get your bottom line wallet even fatter...... Its very simple and if you cant see it ..........Its just sad

Samuel Deva:

the times of President Harry S. Truman --- common man, who helped all from Missouri to the entire nation from the white house...


When you tax the rich they just pass in down to the poor consumers who pays for the increase taxes. This is just smoke screening. We are cook by our our oil. So don't believe Obama when he says he will tax the rich. what it really means he will tax us poor guys.

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