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Should OPEC be forced to increase oil output to meet demand

Should the world control OPECS output or is it up to the user to be more responsible with consumption

it is their oil we need to drill here




Great point BMC. Self reliance can only be a good thing


Thanks, self reliance always pays off.


How can the drug addicts force the pushers to lower prices, especially when the authorities are corrupt and profiting from the sale.... Understand, my intelligent friend. (:


of coarse. Just tapping the water to see what the general response would be to this, seeing as though people are currently screaming for their 'hit'


If I'm remembering my history correct I believe that back in the 70s we felt the pain of high oil prices and made some changes (smaller cars, etc.). But then OPEC released more oil, prices came down, and we all went back to our old behaviors. There is a lot of talk now about alternative energy. It's true that green house gases may be enough to drive change, but oil prices will help too. It's painful (I drive 90 miles a day), but it's a pain that is probably good for us. So in a twisted way, I think it may be best for us if they continue to hold back. Although I reserve the right to complain when I'm at the pump on Monday.


Great! Thank you. Agreed


Boycott those SOBS

Born Fool:

What? More blood for oil? Are we arguing over doing this or market value before we do it. Short of using the military we cannot force them to do much of anything.


Born, Thanks, of coarse we cannot force any sovereign nation to do anything. In agreement there. More just testing public opinion on the question. Recently I heard that US congress is trying to pass a bill to 'sue' OPEC over rising prices. Guess they haven't heard of Supply & demand. Thanks for your sanity.


hello, Allan, good to see you.


I'm also in agreement with not allowing OPEC to hold our feet to fires that we help start. Remember, the main OPEC countries are our adversaries. Who do you think it benefits to see us go into the tank? They figure if they can't bomb us physically, lets do it where it hurts the 'americans' the most. These aren't stupid people in these other countries and they have a much better grasp of international politics than our average every-day citizen because of the effects world politics produces. We, on the other hand are a little more cushioned because our economy is a more stabled one (though it may not seem that way now.)

It's a sneaky form a blackmail and I think in this age, we're finally forced to seek alternative measures for fuel, something we should've done long ago. I used to see solar panels on houses back in the late 80s and early 90s. I wonder what happened to them?


hello, my friend, long time!


@Squirrel: I'd love to see the spinoff of this as being more panels on homes. The more self reliance, even down to the individual (off the grid) would be great all round.


Obama has said that when he becomes president he will have opec lower our crude oil prices.


Are you sure? Clinton did, but I thought Obama's argument was that we need alternative energy to free ourselves from OPEC. Could you cite any references?

(Obama on Clinton's stance -


@Rick, Thanks, it is in fact the Democrats that are currently trying to push through a bill in order to 'sue' OPEC over this (Bush tried to overrule it). So you could be correct on this point. Not sure how they could effectively get this to happen though. I certainly wouldn't agree with the approach of forcing any nation to do anything. We'll have to see where it goes, if it's just fluff in the media or a step towards 'Global Governance'


Actually, Bush said that in 2000.


Ans how would you suggest that mechanism to "force" them to increase output? More than half of the production of the world's oil comes from non-OPEC countries, ayway, really...


@Russ: I don't propose these but as suggestions, you could use the old Sanctions card, military Action or the legal Avenue (whatever that means). An example of the last is the current move by the US senate to 'sue' OPEC. Not sure if this has any really meaning though or if it's just symbolic.


full of the sound and the fury, signifing nothing...


agreed. Don't think any of the above would actually be implemented


OPEC is the only name people can put to oil but the fact is that the cost of oil is driven by contracts. I'm sure we all understand how contractors work. {i}You know the people we have in the middle east that outnumber our soldiers and for whom the soldiers are actually there to protect.

The contractors bids and the highest bid wins. So to say that it's our own fault is not necessarily wrong. We initiated the war and to say it was to oust Hussein wouldn't be accurate because it doesn't explain why all the contractors are over there. But if you really want to get to the meat and potatoes of it you have to take a look at who's neck deep in investments in those companies winning the contracts. Yes, it leads directly to Bush and those investments trickle down to individuals in Congress and the Senate as well. 9-11 may have been a tragedy for most of us but it was a great boon to certain investors. And although Iraq had nothing to do with the events of 9-11 it was indisputably used as the stepping stone to drum up congressional support for the war.


Zen: Sorry the last comment was for Russ.
Good points. The Cheney et al, clan might in fact be the ones really profiteering from all of this.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

OPEC and each nation that is involved should be able to determine exactly how much of their natural resource they want to extract from the ground and consumption and use of said natural resource should have little to do with anything.


That's like saying "Should we force a bunch of cats to do something about the mouse problem?"

At the end of the day, you can't really force a bunch of cats to do anything. But even worse, there are rumors/theories that their oil output is already at the limit.

Note that Indonesia recently dropped out of OPEC because their output dropped so much, they can only sustain their own country.

Recall that oil is made from dead dinosaurs. We're not exactly making anymore dead dinosaurs.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

..............and dead plant life


@Moot: Agreed. National autonomy should be respected. There should never be international pressure on a nations natural resources.

Samuel Deva:

no actually, this government of ours needs to kick the tree huggers and rock kissers in their arses and get exploring for crude right here in the U.S. of A....


Just how do you propose we do that...send troops (hehe). Wake up, we don't control what OPEC does.


Of coarse I don't propose forcing them to do anything. I was testing the water to see what the general response would be to this. Many supported an invasion on Iraq to save the Iraq's (apparently). Thought some may apply the same logic, but this time to save themselves, which in turn would (of coarse he he ) save the world. Some twisted logic like that

Brian P. O'Gorman:

OPEC should produce more without being forced, and the individual should reduce consumption.

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