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Do you want to pay even more at the pump? "Senate debates higher profits tax on oil companies"

See what congress is up to​&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT

Big-oil will just tack it onto your bill, you're right.
That's not the solution.


Such good sense you have. Great to meet you Real Me. so many people can't see that at all, our congress act as if they are mentally deficient.


AT some point people will stop driving and then the economy will really tank. If congress wanted to do something about the cost of gas they would pass emergency legislation for more nuclear power plants and allow the construction of new oil cracking plants to make gasoline as well as allow drilling in ANWAR and off the U.S. coasts. But they are all wimps with no testicular fortitude so they will pass a carbon footprint tax and send us all into the dark ages. (Except for themselves, of course because they will be exempt. )


Everything you said is true. Did you sign this petition? it is making an impact​-75a8-445b-aa7b-346a1e096659


Did it.


Great! to hear that.

Samuel Deva:

congress "is upto no good" --- at any given time... I see the fuel prices going down, but not until the end of summer...


LOL, I bet on continued escalation unless the dollar value rises or we threaten to use our own oil. that will stop the hedge funders too.


They need to raise it up high enough for you to be grateful for it returning to $5/gal. We have a long way to go.


You maybe right about that. I feel grateful if I can get $5.00 fuel now.


No, I don't want to pay more, but it looks like I have no choice. The only thing I (and YOU) can do, is cut back on uncessary usage of fuel and anything that uses fuel like electric


Yes, I'm all for conservation, boycotting, and alternatives etc.

John and Darlene:

The oil companies are making record profits. They can afford to give a bit back to the country that provides their sustenance.


Cuennay, if the oil companies are making 7 to 9% on each gallon of gas sold and we' let us say we cut their profit in half would that make you happy? That would save you on a $5.00 gallon figuring cutting their profit in half and at the high end $.09 so 4.5 % profit this would save you $.225 pre gallon, or take all their profit on a gallon of gas OK that would save you $.45 that would really help a lot and put the oil company out of the gas business while we were at it.

John and Darlene:

BMC, if the oil companies are making 7 to 9% as you say and we taxed half of that, we'd pull in that $.22/gallon. Since the USA currently consumes 142 billion gallons of gas per year, that would net $30 billion. That's real money and only a fraction of what we are sending to the terrorist supporting oil states.


Yes real money, but isn't the grand idea to give relief at the pump for the consumer? That was the intent and as I have explained it would not be enough to matter while ending the selling of fuel in our country.


since BHO is a muslim he can get his brothers at OPEC to lower the gas price we buy from them. this will be a big advantage for our country if BHO gets elected!!

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