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How large can Earth's population grow before its resources become overly stretched?

You may deny a human cause to global warming, but you cannot deny that the Earth is changing. Simply considering that the polar ice caps are receeding, Greenland's glaciers are melting, any mountain historically showing snow and ice now showing bare ground... Now I am no scientist, but I've seen ice in a glass and it eventually melts, and I learned at a pretty young age as to why. WHY ARE WE STILL DEBATING THE OBVIOUS? Please explain how these events can occur and the Earth is NOY getting warmer. The root cause is, of course, the ever increasing hords of human population. Again, I don't believe you need to be a scientist to understand an increasingly large consuming force versus a finite supply of resources. Stopping wouldn't happen overnight, so we need to get thinking about it, shan't we?

it was 5 billion and we passed that in 1984...


btw... what happens when a species becomes overpopulated... they are thinned by disease... or a superpredator is introduced... has anyone ever thought that serial killers are this superpredator?


No, in the case of drastic changes to population, serial killers are not superpredators.

But the question remains... how will the population be thinned? A nuclear exchange? Loss of food supply? Disease? Loss of fresh water supply?

Most people do not want to think about it, and that is why nothing is being done, so it will happen "naturally" because of our collective ignorance.


some say a few superpowers have the ability to control the weather, and the tsunami and earthquake last month was an accident by cern... they accidentally shot a high concentration of gamma rays into the core... we know gamma rays increase earthquake activity so it is plausible...

maybe it wasnt an accident... maybe none of the major catastrophes are natural...


Who controls CERN? I didn't think any superpower did.

Anyway, don't get too paranoid. :)

And please tell me that's not a picture of your belly.


yeah cern is multinational... and no, the chatter within the physics community is it was a total accident, they didnt think the magnitude and reach of the gamma burst was going to be that high

and yes that is my had surgery on the 7th...


The up coming wars and the wrath of GOD shall solve all these problems.As soon the worlds population shall be cut down to a million or so. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WISE AND INSIGHTFUL QUESTION AS THIS SHOULD BE IMPORTANT. davidon4u db


It has already started......


Population growth? It sure has.

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