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Why are construction costs going up?

Slap Daddy:

It takes fuel to turn the trees in the forest to lumber, it takes fuel to bring the lumber to market, it takes fuel to bring the lumber to location, it takes fuel to bring the people to location to build.


Standard inflation. Cost of gas is going to balance that any supplies or labour used is going up in price as well.


Cost of gas has raised the price of every single thing!


Most people have no idea how dependent we are on fossil fuels for production and refinement of such things as steel, plastic, and other building materials. Combine the increase in raw materials, the increase in freight costs at every level, air, sea , and land, the ever increasing government regulations concerning licensing, permitting, etc. the increased volatility of weather due to world wide climate changes, and you have a formula for construction cost increase. It is inevitable and unstoppable. HOLD ONTO YOUR HARD HATS! WE'RE GOING UP, UP, AND AWAY!

Slap Daddy:

hard hats are made with petroleum

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