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What is the average cost of a gallon of gasoline in the U.S., or in your area?

In Canada, in my area, we are paying for Regular Gas, approximately $1.20 per Litre. Based on my last question, that works out to approximately $4.55 per U.S. Gallon.

It's different in different states, like, in the Florida Keys, it's over $4.00. In North Florida, it is around $3.50. In Miami, gas prices are really high, but, I don't remeber what I pay when I'm there.


Quite the price variation.


It's 3.76 here in Michigan but Diesel is 4.89:)


I always thought Diesel was less expensive?
Trade you prices, QT? LOL


thats about right... here on the central coast of California it is 3.99 a gallon... has been up to 4.10 though...


I really thought we were way more expensive per gallon than the U.S.


nah we seem to be pretty close... ours will probably go up though as Memorial Day approaches and it will continue to climb until Labor Day.... summer time does that... ugh..


Around here the price is $4.15/gallon regular unleaded, $4.25/gallon mid grade, and $4.35/gallon premium. Rumor has it in some parts around here, regular gas has passed $4.30/ gallon. It costs $75 to fill up the car, and only $45 for the monthly Transit pass. Guess what I'm riding these days!


hmmm...need to think?....the Transit? I right?
Its getting out of hand.

Dandy : ):
Check this site, I found it the other day.


Here is a site for my area. When I clicked on yours, then mine, they both have a pic of the gas pump handle. I wonder if it is the same site.


here in egypt it's 1.75 LE and that equal in us dollar 0.4 dollar so what about come and get your gasoline from here!!!!!!!!!!!

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