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Fuel prices, what would a republican lead congress do to relieve the rapidly rising cost of fuel?


I see you've got this question for both majority parties (excluding independent as they don't have a place) so I'll answer it just once with this suggestion:
1. Get out of Iraq. We can't possibly imagine anything getting better by fighting the ones we're getting our oil from.
2. Change in Executive office Administration. The current administration is not looking to make things cheaper or better. They are looking to lay overhead in the hands of the rich/elite/big business interests.
3. Sink funding into research and development for vehicles that are not as dependent on oil. There are many great innovative ideas out here but without funding for research they will remain just ideas.


Hi Michelle,
We import about 4% of our oil from Iraq, we are not fighting Iraqis are we? I thought we were helping them fight the terrorists that want to return the Iraqis to before the stone ages.
Have you been paying attention to congress? If you had you wouldn't be of that opinion.
Alternative fuel research is going on and has been for many years, so far the research has not paid off but I am confident that it will that aside if you do a little research you can find unbelievable concepts that we are working toward did you know that we are flying military planes on biodiesel some of it made from Algae, did you know that Chevron, shell, BP, Conoco and more have and are presently not just investing but selling bio-fuel products. Chevron just built a bio-fuel refinery in Texas, Shell has just started a Algae feed stock farm in Hawaii to make bio-fuel for jets. It is going on all around you take a look it is exciting.


Please see my comment under the other thread remarking about the demarcates.
Peace ♪

John and Darlene:

What is "republican lead"? I thought lead was removed from fuel years ago.


Probably drive their SUV as fast as they could to the pumps to fill up before the prices rise again ;-)


Thanks for commenting.

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