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debate the benefits and drawbacks of market and mixed economies

debate the benefits and drawbacks of market and mixed economies

You will have to be informed to on all angles to debate it. Here is a search page to aid in your knowledge.​arket+and+mixed+economies


I think we learned in The Great Depression that - a totally free market, without ANY government interference is somewhat of its own worst enemy. It naturally tends to have ups and downs, and in the worst depressions NO ONE, even at high levels of the economy or government has any real power to control it. Something which is out of everyone's control tends to be a bad thing. In a totally free market some sellers are in positions to act immorally and maybe even illegally, although buyers can also cheat in some ways. Again it comes down to a matter of control. It is generally NOT good to let anything operate without some sort of controls, or limits, or laws or rules. Imagine a boxing match where there were absolutely NO RULES, "anything goes." It wouldn't be long before someone got killed or many fighters tended to "fight dirty." It seemed that the only possible solution to the Great Depression was for government to intervene (at least in that one situation) to do things which the businesses themselves were totally unable to do - to do things to help stimulate the market and get the "life-blood" of Capitalism - MONEY - flowing again. Roosevelt then set up the Social Security system to prevent such a terrible depression from ever happening again, and it hasn't happened again. I think balance is a good general principle in almost everything. Thus, a mixed economy has elements of balance which a totally free market lacked. We are all essentially "social beings." Thus, there needs to be a balance between emphasizing the individual OVER society - or society OVER the individual. The better thing is to try to balance the interests of both. However, if you take good care of sociey (the whole economy) then things will tend to be good or better for all individuals. If you focus on just the interests of individuals - then society as a whole can fall apart, and that in turn puts individuals in peril.

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