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Have you ever heard about someone currently creating a whole new economic system?

Would you like to hear my ideas about the new economic system I created called - Provisionalism?

yes, Ron Paul


Yeah....give us something to dissect and comment on. I'm sure there will be no shortage of people who will let you know what they think of "provisionalism", whatever it is.

The ball is in your court! But I hope your response is terse. Otherwise, don't expect as much in the way of comments.


Hi Mustafa. Just go to my space and read all of my blogs. Also, click in "more items" or "more something ?" I also have a site at, and the web address is given there. If you have any specific questions for me send me an instant message. Jerry.


Why not see if you can provide a one or two sentence description synopsis here? We don't really need the details....just the gist of your ideas.


Thank you Musafa for the idea. A one of two sentence summary of my ideas would be impossible. Try to think of such a summary to give to someone who never lived in a Captalist system and knows nothing about it. however, you gave me a very good idea. So I'm going to try to write a one PAGE summary of my ideas. Look for it on My Spaces - which is titled - Jerry's New Thinking & Atheist Space. Also, you and everyone have my permission to download ALL of my material which I've put in PUBLIC files on my site.


Your idea would probably get more attention if you simply posted it here. If it can't be presented in summary in a sentence or two at this site, I doubt that it would be worth our time to search out your other sites. I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say, but you have to present it here.


I took your advice and TRIED, really tried, to summarize Provisionalism and Thomasan Democracy as briefly as possible. Unfortunately, just "Prov" alone has too much to it to summarize well in only 1 page. Yet, I did my best to summarize it well in 3 pages. And I only briefly mentioned T.D. However, I posted the entire 3 page summary as a blog on my site. Also, you can download it from my public file. Since you were kind enough to talk to me, I hope I gave you enough to "dissect and comment on." Send me your comments whenever you get a chance. Jerry.


Hi, Jerry, what's on your mind today? Let us have it!!


Hi Bev. I want to talk about economics in general, about the problems of Capitalism in particular and how I designed my new economic system to solve the problems of Capitalism, along with other economic, political and globa problems.


sure why not... it couldnt hurt!


Hi mom. Just go to my space and read all of my blogs. Also, click on "more items" or "more something?" I also have web pages at The web address is given on my space, titled - Jerry's New Thinking + Atheist Space.

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