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Is economics a scientific discipline? Is it based on scientific assumptions?


I'm wondering if there are examples of economic assumptions that are unscientific, untenable, or perhaps just illogical by common sense.


No, Economics is not,. a scientific discipline!

It sometime uses scientific and mathematical methodology, but that does not make it a scientific discipline.



What I'm wondering is, are the scientific methodologies which you mentioned are sometime used really just pseudo-scientific ones? For example, the assumption that people always act in self-interest.


discipline is a form of control. Economics are set of principles that if put into proper perspective, the player will then be prosperous, in theory. Discipline would contribute to that theory as a means of ensuring that the player adheres to those principles but the entirety of it is based on research and scientific assumption of what would, prehaps, work better than what we've currently attempted.


No and yes, Economics is based on the behavior of human commercial activity. It is a Social, Behavioral and Psychological Science. It relies heavily on mathematics to demonstrate and predict actions, takes into account advances in technology, but is firmly grounded in the reasoning that humans will act to benefit themselves commercially and financially.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

It tries to be, but I always considered it a pseudo science because they use formulas and graphs that are based on numbers that even economists admit are guesses.

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