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China-earthquake, Burma-cyclone, Chile-volcano eruption, are we next?

Natural disasters, thousands of people displaced, dead, famine, plagues.

You neglect to mention North America, cyclones, Baghdad, warfare, Lebanon, civil disobedience, Belfast, no writer's tax.
What are you looking for out of life? A prognostication of eternal bliss?
But I guess we could give you a miss.


Obama for president--- that would be the greatest disaster ever.


ooh,ooh, Mr. Kotter! What if John Kerry were to be his VP?


Who is John Kerry?


If you don't who John Kerry is J Dawg, you must not know much about politics.
Now i can understand why, you hate Obama so much, your just listening to your friend's. Not thinking on your own. How can a man running for president be a disater and, you know nothing about him?


Let me explain to you my thoughts (because your lack of perception requires it.) I ask who is John Kerry because I have not seen nor heard from him since the last election. You would think that being a prominent democratic "leader," there would be some kind of news coverage as to his thoughts and ideas and who he's voting for-- what else could the Communist News Network want? Another Bush hater-- well, there you have it... he should be one of the biggest haters! Seriously-- did he drop into some hole? Or has his fellow democrats just said, "who gives a crap what John Kerry does?"


And news travels at the speed of light. So, what's your point?

These are not the first natural disasters to have occurred in rapid succession, and will not be the last.

Incidentally, not even Al Gore is attempting to pin the blame on the farce known as "Global Warming", so why are you attempting to assign blame for Acts of God?

You ain't seen nothin' yet, Ryder! Wait until the impact of Ethanol insanity and other environmentalist nonsense bankrupts the first world and the third world suffers the greatest human toll.


It's worse than that, there's a reason they don't add ethanol to gas here in the big state, at lower temperatures it's really bad for the humans in the environment.​%3E2.0.CO%3B2-6&cookieSet=1

I remember a lot of people coughing up blood.


for what, a Big Mac Attack? I want fries with that.


Yes we are!!!
Im never going to forget.

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