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Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?


Yes I am. With every year we have we grow and learn new things. You can be better off with knowledge, money, friends, family. Many many different things, but one year more is always better than the alternative.


monetarily probably not. physically no, emotionally yes.


About the same, even though retired.


mentally, yes>> financially, still broke =-) LOL


in some ways.... my home is paid for, I am a great grandmother now... but I am 8 years older.....

John and Darlene:

No. Financially worse and heartsick that our country appears cowering in fear from a handful of nut jobs in a cave on the other side of the world.


No, At the present time my welfare hangs in the balance of the U. S. Governement and the Social Security's every failing system.


Emotionally, yes
Monetarily, yes
Physically, yes
Whoa! I need to start being a bit more positive. I have never thought of these yeses.


I am, but PLEASE don't try telling me it's because of George Bush!


Absolutely, some bad things happend then and now things are a lot better.

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