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PLEASE HELP..survey..need 20 responses for school?

This is due tomorrow. Please no joke answers. If you are going to answer, please answer all!:-What do you think are the 10 most important skills for a student to have as they enter the 21st century workforce?-In your opinion, what are at least 3 classroom activities/exercisescould teachers and students do to attain and practice those skills?-What words of advice would you give students around the United States as they enter the 21st century workforce?GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! :)

I'm supposed to to gather info from people's opinions across the

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:



Grow up.


I apologize for the other users who took such offense. Seems to me it was a legitimate question. I think you messed up by telling that you needed it tomorrow. You did say it was for school. I don't understand where all the angst came from.


yeah i'll say.. :) haha. and yes, it was a mistake saying it was due tomorrow.. literally. it's not even due until friday. lol


but thank you soo much to everyone who is helping me out:)


number one--- Communication, Social, Writing, Reading, Thinking, Comprehending, Organization, Technical, Coping, Listening Skills.
number two--- They could do build a computer from scratch for their technical skills. For organization they could have to compose a folder to keep up with ALL the worksheets they complete in class for a whole six weeks. Finally for writing skills the teachers could have the students write poems, songs, or short stories.
number three--- I would tell them to always be prepared for the worst because with today's economy you never know when you could lose your job. Also to try your hardest to make a good first impression, they always count the most.
Hope it helps!


Thanks!! :)


1 phrase for all 3 questions-- LEARN TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE.


-What do you think are the 10 most important skills for a student to have as they enter the 21st century workforce?
it has changed in the last 20 years or so. so, here is a more current list:
1 typing skills.. at least 60 wpm.

2 computer knowledge, not just games, but to do research and communicate with.

3 it is still.. dress for success.

4 verbal communication skills are important too. if you can't give a speech or presentation, try to join one of those toastmaster's clubs. they can help a person get over being nervous somewhat.

5 Clothing or dress is mandatory for some jobs. for instance, a woman would not wear high heels to work in a shop or factory, and a man would not wear dress slacks in a garage. a woman i an office should dress demurely... no low necked or strapless tops. some of the guys i worked with would wear a dress shirt and tie with blue jeans. go figure. for meetings they kept a pair of slacks to change in to at work.

6 learn to be gracious when being criticized. answer that you will try to do better next time. on any new job, there is a lot of learning to do, and one cannot expect to avoid it all. most people are kind when telling a new hire how to do it right.

7 try to stay out of office politics. many people have an agenda that does not have anything to do with the job, and one can get caught up easily in that sort of thing.

8 absolute rule.. no office romances. it can get ugly, and is probably against company policy anyway.

9 no coming to work drunk or high. no drinking lunch hour. leave your drugs and booze at home.

10 always be cheerful, try to do your best, and learn to love at least parts of your job, even if is only the coffee break.

-In your opinion, what are at least 3 classroom activities/exercises
could teachers and students do to attain and practice those skills?

The one for


Thank you soo much for taking your time to answer this question. Excellent answer. Best by far. :)


First they must be computer literate and it is imperative to know Microsoft Office such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
The 3 things students and teachers can do to attain those goals are:
1. Do an 250 word Essay using MS Word
2. Do a 8-10 page slide using PowerPoint
3. Do a budget using Excel
The advise I would give is to go into a profession that we will always have a need for such as Law, Medicine, Teaching etc and to stay up on the latest technology as it will be critical to any profession you have chosen. But most of all love what you takes the work out of the job.


Thank you:)

Literally Speaking ™:

You should have thought abotut that and studied before it was due the next day.

Get you head out of your rectum and start doing your own homework.

You will never learn if you ask everyone for the answers.

QnA is not a homework repository.


"You will never learn if you ask everyone for the answers."

This is a survey BUDDY. And it's not asking people for the ANSWERS, it's asking for their OPINIONS.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

1. Doing assignments before the day before the due date....this alone controls 2-10........2.Question too vague....should have paid attention when it was assigned...see #1........3.You don't need any because you probably won't get there.....i wouldn't hire you.


1. I have already gotten everything I need from other question sites, and decided to see if I could get anything extra to make sure I do good on my project. So I guess I decided to check out this site. Bad idea though, for some reason I have gotten the most immature answers here...
2. I didn't create these questions. Our teacher specifically told us to ask these questions. You have no right to say I wasn't paying attention.
3. Not like I would ever want work for you.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Oh, Now I just wanna are the most crooooooooliest.......what are you? lemme guess........your a lil twit....yea, thats it a twit and your underwear needs changing......


? You're really mature..


A smart person like you 123, doesn't need advice. You already have all the answers and you cheated to get them.

I suggest you talk to people in jail who have been sent there for taking things and info that does not belong to them. can learn that you will have to do an honest days work to get ahead in life, but in your case it seems very doubtful.


clearly NONE of you read what I had to say about this assignment..THIS IS NOT CHEATING SO SHUT THE F*** UP.


I am glad I hit the cheating nerve sometimes called a conscience in man kind. It often make us feel that little twinge of guilt when we do things that we know are wrong.

And it seems as if their may be still be some hope for you if you will listen to that little voice that screams "NO" in your pointy little head.

Pray for your soul. I will. ;)


The most important tool is to be able to adapt with the young generation and the old. I am 32 and being in the middle is a good thing. Do not look past your elders at work they have so much experience that school can not teach you. Also get in with the young they always have fresh new ideas.


Thank you :)


-1. Common sense (the top ten format is over valued, it stresses a limited variety or pushes for more answers than are necessary)

2. Communication skills (you need to convey thoughts well, that means understanding how to communicate to your audience, not the other way around)

3. An education in the field(s) you intend to work in since most jobs require a few

4. The ability to do things you weren't expecting to have to do.

5. Know that hard work does not equal money, nor does laziness.

-1. Study (more importantly learn to study, anything, no matter how out there it may seem, I heard a guy who gives stock advice talk about how much money he made picking through women's fashion magazines, see answer 3 above)

2. Cut out the wasted time spent talking about things not relivant to the subject at hand.

3. Remind the students that a teaching degree is not the same as a political sciences degree.

-Good luck (no kidding) get started early on a career path, the earlier the better, but don't expect any job to last forever, people lose jobs all the time, your survival will be based on your ability to follow the demand for employment (follow the money).



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