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The Oracle

Are lotteries a regresive tax on the poor?

The Oracle:

sp *regressive*..sorry.


I think it would be better described as a "sin tax." And, yes, it definitely targets the poor who look at the lottery (formerly called, when crooks ran it, "numbers") as a way out of their grind. Of course, like all sin taxes it is totally voluntary. If I were younger, I would personally crusade against gambling of any kind since it is highly addictive and ruins lives. And, yes, even the humble lottery as people who can't afford it spend $75-$100 a week hoping to strike it rich. (The odds the mob used in their numbers rackett were actually more favorable than the lottery!)
A regressive tax is one where the % of tax paid gets less the more money one spends. That's why I think it's probably more accurately a sin tax.


It is actually more likely that you will correctly guess the license plate (including state) of the next vehicle to pass you on the highway than of getting a traditional 6 number lottery.

And it definitely targets the poor because people who have enough money see no need at throwing away their money for an astronmically low chance of getting more money.

Literally Speaking ™:

Life itself is a gamble and I for one see nothing wrong with casinos or the lottery, it is not for everyone for certain, but why should those of us that know how to play wisely be stiffled by the masses of idiots that swelter away in stupidity?

Literally Speaking ™:

And I by no means am rich, I have worked my a s s off off all my life, but I have enough common sense to realize food needs to be put on the table and the light bill needs to be paid.

John and Darlene:

It's more of a tax on the stupid.

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