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What are Obama's economic theories both to run the country and to fix the economy? Please help!.

I am a 46 year old Republican, well educated (an attorney) and I have always voted the party line for President, although I regret it with our current President. At present, the candidate I would like to say I respect the most and intend to vote for is Obama's due to his views on how to handle foreign policy and getting us out of Iraq, a civil war based on religion which will restart whether we stay 1, 5, or 20 years. As for his experience level the same can be said for Hillary who won in a state she had no ties to, which I disrespect as undermining the system. Obama has learned much in terms of foreign policy from my observations and anyone can surround themselves with the right people. My question and concern is "What are his economic theories, both for getting us out of these rough times, and then in general for running the US?" I have read conflicting reports. I want to vote for him but the wrong domestic policy in this climate could be a disaster. Thank you. Ozlaw

The past two years should be an excellent indicator. Since Obama has voted with the Democratic Party 96.8% of the time and the Democrats took control of the House and the Senate in 2006 (in essence took control of the government), what has happened to the economy? Let's see - Housing market collapse, DOW off nearly 2000 points, Farm subsidies nearly tripled (why do the Democrats/Socialists want to pay farmer's SO much to not grow crops anyway), more hidden pork-barrel expenditures in Bill's sent to the President, over-rides of Presidential Veto's so that they can get their frivolous spending through, etc. Four things that really get under my skin that are Obama proposals are: Government/Taxpayer funded needle exchange program for heroin addicts, Government controlled legalization of marijuana, Mandatory sex-education starting in Kindergarten(fine in high school and maybe in junior high, but not kindergarten and elementary) and finally Government run Universal Healthcare which would cost Trillions of dollars. I honestly believe Obama took a trip to the Netherlands to develop his domestic agenda. If you want America to be like the most liberal countries in the world such as Holland and Denmark, just move there- don't force it on the rest of us. Actually, his proposals are more like a combination of Holland and Cuba (Liberal/Socialist). I particularly like taking home more than 40 percent of what I earn and not relying on the government to control where I go and what I do.


Change , didn't you hear?
He has no idea what to do about anything. lol
Why wouldn't you, a republican, like McCain?
He's not Bush. He has more experience than Bush.
Obama will not know any more about what to do with foreign affairs much less domestic affairs than Bush did.
He does not have the experience to know.


cain killed able and old MC donald had his farm..


LOL. Stop.
You're going to confuse this poor guy.)


My only advise is NO man can get us out of this..


You mean McCan Can. lol
oops.............. McCain Can only.)


Scott McClellan is that really you? If so I understand the disguise. You seem like a democrat doing your best to convince people you're a Republican who's changing sides. It's not working! Barack's economic policy is the same as all democrats. Tax the working man, increase welfare, and more food programs for lazy bums who prefer to sit on their @sses all day and live off the government. He's already said he would eliminate Bush's tax cuts.


very good.)


Yeah, lol. Scott McClellan's expose and timing is just a little suspicious, he's a real patriot, not. Hi puppy.


Even if you hate Bush you have to admit the betrayal is unbelievable. I hope he makes enough money off his book to live out his life, since he'll never ever find a job. Hi ladies.


hello johbee.
who am i?
did you figure that one out yet?


Not quite.........


lol, that's funny.
i'm just me.)


I hate to say this because it will come across as harsh as the last comment and I by no means want it to sound the way it will sound but its the truth.
Basically, I by no means consider myself a racist I in fact like Obama but fact is........he doesn't have the experience, he has no plan, he hasn't a clue.....and frankly that scares me ALOT especially with all the turmoil in the world now. But with this and knowing that 95 % of blacks are voting for him says to me they are voting only because of his color not what he can do for america .....which is sad for all americans.
McCain.....well I don't want another Bush and that scares me even more then no experience I think .........
Clinton..........well again hate for it to be just a women thing.......I think everyone needs to look at the facts and not the color and the gender.
I'm inclined to think at this point the last might be the lesser of three evils............
I'm really thinking the person who said NO MAN will ever get us out of this mess is right
I think the only real "CHANGE" might be if we really change and try a women.
This all being said I have not desided (even though this sounds like I have) on who to vote for ....but I can say its all starting to wear on my nerves. I want to keep weighing my options and truely vote on who I think will help all americans not just a few.......who will help us out of such a mess...........who can restore the faith other countries use to have in the US and I know that it won't all happen with one president/ one term it will take years lets face it we are all human.......but who can shake it up the best and put us on the road to getting back to the way it should be and could be.............thats when i will deside who to vote for. It won't be because of Gender / Color / Party
Lets all start making this a vote for america....not personal preferences


Hey C,
Even though I was joking around a little, I am serious about McCain being the only one I feel is qualified at this point. He is not Bush, that's what the democrats say because his ratings are down and they want you on their side. MC is a good man with good morals and knows a little about foreign affairs and wars as well as domestic issues. He is no stranger to any of this. If he gets elected he will be able to do more. He's not afraid to admit when he's wrong and he has thought long and hard about what needs to happen for all of this to get better and frankly Obama and Clinton neither one have half of the experience he has. I don't think that together they would have half the experience he has. Try not to get caught up in the hype you hear in the news about him. Heck, don't believe the spin the news puts on any of them. They are all psycho! Wow, they will tell you anything you want to hear depending on what channel you watch. Read far and wide and throw out the garbage. That's what I'm doing. I used to listen to all of their tainted spews but not any more.
Good luck deciding.

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Solutions to:

Social Security -- raise taxes
Medicare -- raise taxes
Prescription drugs -- socialize and raise taxes
Health care -- socialize and raise taxes
Cost of higher education -- raise taxes

He is a one note symphony for socialism, verging strongly into communism.

As to his national defense position, take another look. The was is just a small part of a big issue. Do you want to negotiate unconditionally with a man who leads a nuclear power that has vowed to destroy another nation and create another holocaust? Sen. Obama said that he would (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Pakistan). He would be so kind to Kim Jong II who happily starves his own people and murders all who would oppose him. He also would take nuclear weapons off the table for our current avowed enemies, the terrorists. Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Clinton -- his fellow Democrats -- refused to exclude that option in their days.

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