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What do we sell to the oil producing countries? What can WE charge them 20X what something is worth?


Naaa - we'll do it the easy way and set up more presses to print more money to give them silly!!! They still haven't figured out that we can out produce the counterfeiters.


Perhaps we can sell the the "We won't push the red button on the nukes" if they just give us half of their oil and half of their virgins?

Mac....Of Moot and Mac: 72 virgins per dead terrorist.....we be runnin' a lil low


So we take only oil, keep the half virgins and who needs them anyway.


They can keep the Virgins. Too much responsibility once they aren't virgins and we'd have to feed them.
Give me the sadder but wiser ones please! (from the Music Man!)


Weapons of course!


The best we could do is try to effect the countries they do buy from, mostly that'd mean making enemies out of our friends.


Cadillac's and Hummers......

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