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Do you think it's an accident that the Greenback is now a worthless piece of crap

All over the world, financial houses & banks are shedding the ever declining USD. Do you think it 'just happened' that economic forces naturally caused the deflation of the mighty Greenback, or was there planning behind it

It's sorta like the "planning" that went into New Coke.

Coca-Cola was not so stupid as to knowingly and deliberately introduce something that the public knew would be unpopular, as that was not their goal. Conversely, they were not so smart as to know that the blowback against New Coke would create resurgence of popularity for the original formula.

If there's some grand plan going on, I seriously doubt anyone is navigating some conspiracy simply because there are too many people, economies, and institutions involved. The government is neither so stupid as to want a devalued dollar nor so smart as to have the coordination to cause its devaluation and ride its rise back to economic strength.


Yeah, good points.


Economic mismanagement. I won't point any finger, but just think about all of the infrastructure that is supposed to prevent things like this.


hmmm, so what failed? Thanks Wood.


Americans and it's constituents failed by not realizing that actions of all do create the future for every person whether they were contributors to the problem or not. Lack of examination of self, examination of motives and manipulation of laws have all enabled the current standings of our economy. See what lies can do for us?
Morning Ant. You sure have some controversial questions. I enjoy seeing what you'll ask next.
Peace ♪


Our economy, like the economy of other developed nations, has been up and it has been down. Currently we are undergoing very slow economic growth. Thanks in part to the errant policies of the current administration; such as war and ethanol. The subprime mortgages also have not helped.

Still, the economy is growing and should continue to grow. We still have the resources and the infrastructure to remain a great nation for a long time to come. The vehicle is fine; we just need a better driver.


Sounds hopeful. Thanks!


There is a plan to move to a one currency or no currency society....Easier to control the folks by centralizing the control of money..... Hello, Ant... When will you stop to play it save???


That actually would be a great idea m, what do you think?


@Bewitched: what, to move to a central currency or to play it safe? ;)
@M: Hello friend, sorry, i like to draw fire. ;) When you say central, are you talking US, regional block or global?


Central currency, lol.


Global...The world bank was just the start.... There's another group that formed in NH, USA to form a single World Order, This is an old dream that started in England and they enlisted the Americans to help bring it about..... Here's a link you might like


Thanks, I've kind of been following various other ideas, Adam Weishaupt et al. Slashdot below did make a good point that it would be very hard to navigate such a broad plan, however on the other hand, out of experience, I heard about this way before it started happening, like 18 years ago, along with 'plans' for a war in Iraq etc. Seems like a plan is in effect here. I truly believe, despite the seeming improbability, that there is a definite goal here, starting with an Amero, then moving to a 'Globo' (or some such thing - Maybe a Mark, like Germany) & ultimately, remove Cash - replace it with RFID. Watertight economy. I've heard this final phase in the words of Arron Russon & people from all walks of life. Seems logical, dangerously so.


@Bewitched: Don't you think a centralised global currency would be a little dangerous? Especially for a Republican like yourself?




Because then its regulation is out of America's hands. If a central world banks decides to do away with cash & replace it with Biometric RFID implants, you don't have a vote on it. The US will no longer control US money


It's been coming for decades. Politicians knew they were running up a huge national debt. They knew voters wouldn't care as long as they continued to make campaign promises to provide free this or free that.
They were right, voters didn't understand how important it was to balance the budget. They didn't care how much debt they piled on their grandchildren.
By continuing to vote for democrats and republicans, we have ruined our own nation. We're getting exactly what we deserve....and this is only the tip of the iceberg.


thanks Ed, poignant

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