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Dark angel

What does "toast" mean here?

In the sentence "The dollar has become toast versus the euro, as the European Central Bank focuses on inflation and the Federal Reserve seems willing to risk a run on the dollar and inflation because of uncertainty with respect to financial markets and uncertainty with respect to the direction of the economy."What does "toast" mean here?
Ev3nt H0riz0n:

In this context, toast means "something that has no chance of success, something that is a goner".

What that sentence is saying is:
"The dollar is a goner when compared to the euro...."
"The dollar is sure to fail when compared to the euro..."




Normally it means roasted bread but in this case it is symbolic of cartoons where a cartoon character winds up in a toaster and pops up burnt to a crisp.


You are so banned off of this site!


Why would you say that Lisa? There's no violation in the question...


she is talking about the toast picture you get on this site if you've been banned.


I guess I just don't get it... thanks for trying EC : )


Burned up or worthless against the Euro. Trash or waste. That's my take on it.

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