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How high do you think gas prices have to go before America collapses ?

How high do think gas prices have to go before America collapses?

They say to $9 or 10 if we don't drill for our own oil.


I totally AGREE


Well it will go and the truckers I am sure will stop hauling and they will be the ones that bring them back to reality...for awhile anyway!!


America won't collapse because it's got a stronger backbone than that. What will happen is the people will stand up and have their say and things will be put back in order at that point. Truckers are already circling the White House in their stand against rising diesel prices and gas buying Americans are falling in line behind them. When enough gets to be enough and the rubber meets the road, Americans will speak loud and straight enough to make it known. We are the voting people... they know they can only go so far in the fleecing of America.


I thought you were going to be the one to finally come up with the best answer but you stopped short.


Sometimes it's best to let the imagination of others make for the finishing touches to an authentic and well thought out answer from others. I have found myself many times given that opportunity in some of your answers. I guess that just means that we form the conclusion to the choice we have before us. Thanks for commenting.


Don't you love the nonparisan ploy by Clinton and John McCain
in recommending a suspension of the federal gas tax from Memorial Day
to Labor Day. This would let Americans go on vacation without that one
modest additional incentive to conserve. How convenient during peak campaigning!


So true and unfortunately Americans are too dumb to realize they need to get off gas and quit paying these rediculous prices! I know we still have to use some for now but the majority of it we could live without... and we will eventually!

Samuel Deva:

As soon as the truckers grind to a halt, then the railroads will constipate within twenty four hours and the bad juju will be everywhere...


$12 per gallon should bring an effective halt to the normality of cross continent travel in North America. When 8 gallons of gas costs nearly $100...


Or how long before the amount of crude is used up world wide? In other words, no more sites to search. $

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