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Being Careful Do straight trees have crooked roots Do you trust people that say they are trustworthy


"A tree grown crooked will never grown straight" Your question is really provocative. I like it as a question. Sounds like you got your amps up or your ohms down. Trust me on this one. NEVER. Have you ever seen a sheep in wolfs clothing? Yeah? Then your answer is implicite in the question.


Here kitty, here kitty,,,,, here here kitty,,,,,, the trap is not under the catnip.... here kitty!
snap :)-

The best of the day, Spyder

And I get 0 (ZERO) points for what I thing are great questions.

Samuel Deva:

actions speak louder than words...


I use that tool all the time, thanks


I trust people who have proven to me that they are trustworthy.


what can people do - its in their chlorophyll !


"absorbs light most strongly in the blue and red but poorly in the green portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, hence the green color of ..." (a1)
So people can not change who they are.

(a1) not me

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