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Anyone know the secret to canceling a auto renewing contract from Waste Management of Colorado.?

Signed a contract with WMI in 2001. It continues to auto renew and the rates keep going up. I can't afford to keep paying and have been told by sales rep that I either have to pay the 6 month buyout or wait until the next cancellation date which is in two years. The contract self renews in three year increments. Also have a friend who bought a business and WMI is insisting that they are liable for the previous owner's contract . What a rip-off!!!!!!! Any help would be truly appreciated..........

actually that is not true. once the date is up for the contract WMI cannot force the auto renew... I cancelled and am now with northern colorado disposal. WMI tried to send a bill once with the threat of sending the bill to Professional finance if not paid.. I sent it back with the a copy of the last date of contract and never heard from them again.


Is there a law stating that they cannot force the auto renew that I could use as backup??


Try canceling your credit card.


There is no credit card associated with this contract.


Stop paying them...!!

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