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The Democrats are always accused of spending. When have the Republicans balanced the budget?

The last time I remember a Republican President balancing the budget was when President Eisenhower was leaving office. I remember him saying it when I was around 8 years old. I don't recall ever hearing it from another Republican President and will check shortly to see how many budgets have ever been balanced. If you truly believe the Democrats are the ones responsible for spending, back it up with facts. Can you do a comparison of Presidents and balanced budgets?

Table 1.1 has a complete yearly chart of modern budgets.


They do not like to spend on programs for the good of our own citizens, but do not mind spending on wars.


Bilixa. I found a link and put it in the comments under the question. They have definite differences in priorities. I was just interested in fiscal responsibility and examining fact from fiction.


Has a war never been "good for our own citizens" ?


NDwind. And if one has, what? That kind of logic only works on Republicans.


Ross Perot hammered away on the deficit and debt in the 1992 presidential campaign. The Republicans swept to control of Congress with their Contract with America that included a lot of budget cutting promises. Then the Republicans failed to deliver, repeatedly year after year. Finally in 2006 the voters noticed they'd been swindled by the Republicans on the budget and by Bush on the war, and they tossed the Republicans into the minority in Congress. And it was richly deserved.

But ain't none of that makes the Democrats the masters of budgetary frugality.


RichM. I placed a historical budget reference that contains accurate information in the comments under the question. It is what it is. I don't like rhetoric from any direction.


Some figures to ponder --- thank you to George W. Bush!
$275 million dollars spent on Iraq every single day. Estimated total cost of Bush's war is $3 trillion dollars.......!!
$103 billion dollars is the economic cost of the housing crisis.
7.3 million families forced from their homes as a result of foreclosure.
7.4 million people who are currently unemployed.
2.4% is the amount wages have decrease.
47 million Americans are without health insurance.
25% of the world's greenhouse gases are emitted by the USA, which breaks down to 7 billion tons or greenhouse emissions.
107% is the percentage gas prices have risen in the last seven years.
The Republicans sure spend our money wisely(??), while the Democrats receive the label of big government and money spenders(??) Numbers do not lie.


nonnam. I tried to get a Republican to post information to support their case, but no one has. I posted a link in comments under question to show the history of the budget. Notice how they continued to have surpluses after the stock market crash in 1929, even with obvious signs of economic distress. Andrew Mellon was the last true Secretary of the Treasury, because the power was taken away after him. Now the Republican are trying to blame the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act: which didn't even go into effect until the problems were already there. It didn't cause the depression like they say, but you know how it is: Those who do not learn from history, will learn how re-write it if they become Republicans. It is always the same lies to fool people into believing their trade policies are right.


True on all accounts. I have noticed that McCain supporters ignore pertinent questions as you posted. Their tactic seems to be to bash Obama and state McCain is a military hero and ex-POW--as if this alone qualifies him to lead this country. What they conveniently forget is his low ranking in any academia, his notorious temper, and his constant flip flops on issues, (among other unsavory characteristics.)


Dubya ... I think I have figured out your problem ... you confuse "posting information" with intelligence.


NDwind. Worry about your own problems. Trolling comments isn't answering a question. The historical record of budgets has been put into your hands. Instead of running your mouth, make a case based on evidence for a change. If you have something worthwhile to say, prove yourself. No reasonable person would just take your word for it. Prove it.


Democrats spend in the open, Republican spend by adding 'pork" at the bottom of the bill.


ladysorci. Focus a Republican through a prism of hypocrisy and you will get a clear image.

Brian P. O'Gorman:

A Republican controlled congress forced Clinton to balance the budget in the mid 90's.


bazookajoe. Isn't that your interpretation? Presidents propose the budgets to congress. Why don't you look into the historical record and let the chips fall as they may? I have enough sense to know that Republicans spend more than Democrats because I have looked up the evidence and know how to examine something fairly. I let it tell me what is and resist every impulse to prejudice the process.

Try to prove your beliefs with facts not dogma. Be the first Republican on this site to do it.

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