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Are the poor responsible for anything, including themselves?

In many of the postings I keep reading the hate toward the rich and the pity party for the poor. I believe that that we are each responsible for our circumstances. I further believe that until a poor man creates jobs we need to quit making the rich man a villain. Most wealth people got that way by working very very hard. When you tax the rich to a point that they quit investing new jobs are not created and the economy starts back peddling. If you want to tax the rich then make it illegal for someone of any form of welfare to by beer, wine, or the like, cigarettes, steak - other than round, nikes, or any etc. If your going to punish the rich for creating jobs your need to punish those at the low end of the totem pole by making them make better choices with OUR money.

The poor are not responsible.

Our government rewards irresponsibility and punishes responsibility.

If you choose to drop out of high school, participate in illegal activities, refuse to keep a job, you will remain poor. But it's not your fault. It's societies' fault. Society owes you a place to live, food on your table, and cash in your pocket for weed and beer.

Dollar brand:

thats a good one


Drug and alcohol testing for welfare recipients. I'm getting tired of paying for their habits. Maybe they should try getting off their lazy *sses and getting a job. And get rid of the liberal politicians that perpetuate it for votes!


remember this in November

One Twisted Child:

Nice Post.
I agree with the majority of your statements. I have done internships with DCFS and I was amazed at the rampant fraud which is exhibited at all levels, from the administration all the way down to the clientele. Although I think that the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 was a step in the right direction, much more needs to be done. There are too many who use these programs as a career choice rather than the temporary safety net they were designed as.

I do think we need to keep the programs for those who have fallen on hard times, and those who have no say in the matter such as children. But, we need to hold our elected officials accountable and make them enact and enforce regulations in order to prevent abuse and return the programs to a hand up, not a hand out. Everyone needs a helping hand in some way, at some point, but we do not need to be subsidizing others lifestyles.


Excellent, Child.

Slap Daddy:

Your right people should not be persecuted for being successful, that's called jealousy.
and there are many many cases were bad life decisions have lead to peoples "hard Luck" situations.
but there are still the disabled, and children, as a society we should morally care for.

If you messed up your own life then get off your rump and fix it, Thats all I really have to say.


I agree that each individual is responsible for how well he does in life and that practically any obstacle can be overcome. However, let me tell you that the greed displayed by corporations and corporate executives in the last few decades is pathetic. They are like children who try and hog all the toys. It doesn't take your average toddler too long to figure out that it is much more fun it is when all the kids have toys. I do not begrudge the rich the right to spend THEIR money, but at some point, it is pretty hard to escape the feeling that they are spending OUR money...!! As long as you have eight hundred dollar a month rents and three-hundred dollar a week jobs, people will not be able to help but sometimes feel that they are being used. My opinion is that the 'rich' can do allot for the quality of life of their community if they want to, but all too often they have let childish greed get the better of them... More news comes out every week illustrating my point..​&FORM=BWNR


Freddy, the answer to greed is competition. The best thing rich people can do is create jobs so that others will have a source of income. What they do with it is up to them. If people weren't greedy, the only employers in this country would be the government. What incentive does a business owner have to be in business if his profits are taxed away from him?

Many people start out poor and end up rich. It's all a matter of figuring out what you want and how to do it. Koreans come over here with no money. They help each other. They'll start a business and work together on it, then split off into 2 businesses. Pretty soon, they're driving around in a Mercedes.

It's not the govts place to redistribute the wealth, that just drives companies out of the country (and jobs). If a rich person has a company and gives someone a job, what more should he do? If he's allowed to keep his money, and it makes him rich, then wouldn't it stand to reason he would want to get even richer? He's more likely to expand his business and hire more people if it'll make him richer. More jobs, better community.

A rich person is also more likely to be charitable if he's not being taxed silly already. The govt. collects extra taxes from the rich to "help poor people", but the poor people only see a fraction of it, then they tell the rich they should do more to help poor people. If the rich guy gave that same amount of money directly to the poor, instead of the govt., the poor would receive ten times as much. The govt. can't do anything efficiently. The problem is not corporate greed, the problem is government greed. The more they butt in, the worse things get.


well said


I do not advocate taxation, seeker, only common sense and positive solutions. There is 'need' (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, housing, utilities...) and there is 'greed'. Yes a poor man can get rich, but that is not the point. Rules have been made in favor of the people in charge for many generations. Now the buying power of wages decreases decade by decade and the number of bills a worker must pay keeps going up. Crime is going up and the quality of life is declining The answer to greed is not going to be a new law or tax. Answers will be found if the people in control learn to enjoy living up to their responsibility to the common good and stop trying to bleed us for every penny. It is possible to do well and also do well by the workers and consumers. Then the level of frustration would go down and the quality of everyone's life would be improved...


"The answer to greed is not going to be a new law or tax. Answers will be found if the people in control learn to enjoy living up to their responsibility to the common good and stop trying to bleed us for every penny. "

You're talking about business voluntarily giving back to the community or voluntarily paying higher salaries. Less government intervention and more competition will make that happen. When business taxes are low, profits are higher. When profits are higher, businesses expand, creating more jobs. When there are more positions than there are workers to fill them, wages and benefits get better. The problem is that government sees businesses as a source of income. When they start taking that money, the businesses pass it along to the consumers, which causes the economy to slow down. It's simple. Get rid of the politicians and you get rid of the problem.


We can at least agree that more competition and less taxes are good. I doubt that we will 'get rid of the politicians any time soon, but if things get better, they may back off a little.
Let me ask you this...
How much has the loss of billions of dollars embezzled, mis-accounted for or otherwise diverted by greedy business leaders in the last few decades impacted the economy, and weakened families, employers and municipalities...?! I cannot give you an exact measurement, but this factor is huge and has hurt everyone in a big way....This type of thing is just out of hand...!!


Freddy, embezzlement is a crime and should be punished. I don't disagree that there is greed but greed isn't illegal, nor should it be. Again, the answer is competition, not govt. intervention. Governments are corrupt by nature, the more we can limit them, the better. The free market will take care of the greed. Would you want to live in a country where the government decides when you make too much money? Where does that road end? For example, Ralph Nader thinks nobody should be allowed to make more than $100,000 a year. Some people think $50,000 is too much.

If the government wanted to help poor people, they should give tax breaks to companies who reinvest in their communities instead of confiscating the money through taxes. The money goes a lot farther when the government keeps it's hands off of it. If a ceo steals money, they should be punished but they shouldn't be punished because they make too much.


While its true that you can become rich from meager beginnings, the converse is also true: you can go bankrupt having started life with a silver spoon. We tend to look at rich people, see what they did, and conclude that must be the way to get rich. That is a logical fallacy called survivorship bias. If people got paid a weekly salary based on a roll of the dice, there would still be extremely rich people and extremely poor people.

But the fact of the matter is that your parents income is the best predictor of your income. I think its harder to overcome a significant early handicap in life than most people realize. I did overcome some significant early handicaps, as have many people, but there is a certain amouint of luck involved. Some of my poor friends from my childhood neighborhood have worked everybit as hard as I have, and "wanted it" just as bad. I had some luck, including a scarce aptitude for some technical work. It says nothing about my work ethic, etc.


The poor always get the finger pointed at them by the one's who are the biggest welfare recipients, the rich.... It's all smoke and mirrors to hide all the lack of intelligence and irresponsibility of the wealthy inbreed families stealing or tax money... Don't feel bad if you are poor, in another 10 years many here on qna who have jobs and good incomes will soon be joining the ever increasing ranks of the poor and working poor which are the fastest growing group worldwide...


This does not make sense.


dcf, this is what happens when you just repeat what you hear and don't bother to learn anything for yourself.


dcf, I'm talking about m, not you.


Seeker, he must be a casualty of class warfare.


The problem with the big corporations and the RICH OVERCOMPENSATED CEOS is they took all the tax breaks our CORPORATE WELFARE BENIGN GOVERNMENT could give them, and then shuffled our jobs overseas to make even more money off child labor. So where are they investing in new jobs in America-- unless you count all the McDonalds type minimum wage jobs ? The loss of decent jobs has led to the increase of the poor. That and a sub par education system. Tenure should be outlawed. It is an unfair practice that protects inferior teachers from being replaced. There are answers to the problems we face; but no one wants to deal with them in a practical way. The solution requires hurt for some ; but the benefits will outweigh the pain in the long run.


Big corporations are the ones raising our economy. Taxing them only sends them abroad, which hurts our economy. Excessive government intervention in our schools has tied the hands of most teachers. Tenure isn't all that bad.

The government can't solve every problem. Nor should it try.


Certainly, there are genuinely poor, who require a helping hand. And although, I consider the extension of that hand to be a function of the Church, I doubt that there are many among us who would be unwilling to offer assistance to those in genuine need. But, being that over time, our government has assumed this function, in the creation of "social programs", (designed without proper fore-thought) there has been an evolution of the "professionally poor". These are the people whose chosen profession is to "work" the system for all it's worth. They have learned the "in's and out's of the "welfare state", taking advantage of any and all assistance programs. "Checks for free, money for nothing"! And many of those, in charge of these programs, tend to look the other way, as they are part of an institution, which they need to see grow, so that they can justify asking for more funds for next year!
Given time, if we choose to tax and tax and tax the "rich" and hand their money to the "professionally poor", there will be none left to tax!


So true.

It shouldn't even be an option to draw free government money for more than a few months.


Yes, except in proven extreme hardship cases, welfare benefits should expire in the same manner in which unemployment benefits expire.

Brian P. O'Gorman:

Hallejullah, great Q/comment. Why is everything "the rich" peoples fault? I've met plenty of poor people who are poor because they're losers. They don't make good decisions, can't or won't keep a job, and refuse to take responsibilities. There are also plenty of people who've run into some bad luck but they usually pull themselves up anyhow.


Poverty is a mindset more than a set of conditions.

Dollar brand:

I agree with singlemom, Most weathy people work hard to earn their living. If you keep trying to help everybody, you are going back to ground zero. Many of them give to charities, churches, diaster victims, and family. I am sure there are people who have tried to be successful, and it hasn't worked so far. Keep on trying, someday you may reach that goal, if it's meant to be. Everybody has a reason to be here, and it may not be, to be rich. The welfare system do need to change somethings especially in the food department. I was a cashier for a well none supercenter for 5 years and I couldn't believe some of the items they were allow to have, like shrimp, candy,steaks & etc. Welfare need to stick to the basic nutritional items like pork and beans. I am broke as a fruit cake, but I try not to show any envy because I'm alive and well...Have a great day!

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