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Do you think this is a good idea?

Give tax breaks to large corporations as incentive to keep more jobs in the USA.Under penalty if the do not abide by certain rules, say like; giving less to CEO's and big wigs, and give the average worker more pay etcetera?Or something like that?

More incentive for the average worker, lower taxes for the companies?

Slap Daddy:

Absolutely Not not Tax them Tax them to hell, down with success, they make others feel inferior and we simply cannot have that, force the large companies to move else ware. this way there will be no jobs and we will all be equally standing in line for our government rations. Equality or death, or both.


um.. are you a democrat by chance?

Twisted sal:

He's sarcastic by design.


Isn't sarcasm against the COC?

Slap Daddy:

LOL PeBbLes that never stopped me before.


Yes. that would be a start.
We don't stand much of a chance of doing much else until we do.


If you just give the tax breaks, the rest of what you're saying would fall in line.

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