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What do you know about industry in China?

percentage of world goods made in China;umbrellas-70%buttons- 60%U.S. shoes-72%U.S. kitchen appliances-80%U.S. artificial christmas trees-85%U.S. toys-80%Percentage of goods from China that end up on Wal-Mart Shelves-9% (interesting)Out of all the recalled toys in the U.S. in 2007 100% were from China (interesting)Number of months that a Chinese factory worker has to work to have enough money to buy one "Thomas the Train" engine set- 6 months

It shows the damage to our economy that has been done by allowing china to sell goods in our country made with child labor without economic sanctions and tariffs. Tariffs used to protect american workers jobs. Remember when we had good jobs and a rising middle class? The american dream-- own your home-- send your kids to college-- retire when you were still on your feet. Well it got sold down the river by politicians who gave big business the freedom to send your jobs to foreign countries to make the products cheaper and then sell them back here at the same price, thus making them more money than ever before and you poorer than ever before. The middle class is disappearing and we at the bottom end are footing the bill for the benevolence our politicians are bestowing on their friends. If you are as mad as I am about this, lets put an end to it by voting out everyone of them up for re-election? It's time we went to the polls and change Washington ourselves. They sure won't do it.


Did you seriously just answer your own question? Trying to show off? Nu... That's my job.... For I... I am.... Ultra-Lore... (Think like a power ranger's robot) I am the coolest be-atch on the planet... And so modest...


Well give yourself a big pat on the back there little one because you deserve it dangit! =))



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