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Anyone have any gas saving tips?

Looks like we may be in it for the long haul as far as these gas prices going up. Someone said it is better to fill up early in the morning as the liquid isn't heated up and expanded as much, so you get more in your tank. Don't know if it is really true though. Anyone have any good ideas?

Keep your tires well inlfated, and your engine tuned up. Also limit your trips to the important ones, walk, if you can.


Thanks Russ, I need a tune up for sure and I told my wife I better start walking. They figure six bucks a gallon this summer, it's nuts!


Ride a bike.


It works for me! My bike at prsent needs some serious repair but you are right, a bike is quicker than walking. I hate it though because my job is up a really steep hill. In fact I should probably get a new bike. They'll probably start raising prices on bikes soon too. Thanks. :)


man, you took my answer! I ride to the grocery store (if what I get fits in my basket), the bank, the PO. The only problem is the drive through doesn't know you are there, bank tellers smile a bit, and most folks just stare! (I live in a small town with few sidewalks and no bike paths, everyone drives).


Sounds like a nice place to live. :)


A 3 Foot piece of garden hose. and your bosses credit card.


My brother in law would agree with you! LOL Have a good one!


Start slowly from a stop.
Avoid idling
Proper tire pressure
Keep it tuned
Consolidate trips


Excellent advice Snurbart and I will do it! Consolidate trips is a really good idea. It will definitely take some discipline on my part but if six bucks a gallon hits it won't be hard at all. Thanks! :)

Livin' the dream:

get a bike.


Thanks Blue Watson for your answer, I think I may be purchasing a new one hope fully soon. Take care. :)


I think a gas mileage gauge is a good idea. I've driven cars with them and it really helps to retrain yourself. Whatever you do, please consider driving less. Reducing consumption not only saves money now, it reduces demand and thereby overall price not to mention less pollution!


Hi Morgan Mghee,
I have never heard of a gas mileage gauge, it must be something new. I can see how it would help you analyze your driving habits better. Thanks very much for the great advice. :)

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