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Is it increased demand or pure greed that is causing the current economic climate?


Well, you have the rising cost of fuel (blame OPEC and the bidders at the stock market), which affects the prices of everything else, like food. Then you have millions of acres of land being used to grow corn for alternate fuels so that pushes up the cost of corn in food. Now we have the floods in some of the mid States which has affected the cost of beef, wheat, potatoes, etc., so all of this combined is driving the economy down and making it very hard for a lot of families to keep up with the price increases. Between May and June, the cost of food increased 85%.


Everything's fine with my ecnomic climate, and tons of others. But hey everyone in the world is from the states so I suppose that's what you mean.
I heard it's because of the mortgages. Normally you can't take a larger mortgage than your networth. This networth is generally based on your house. So if you don't manage to pay back the money, they can take your property. If you rent, it is probably based on your level of education etc. because you'd then have to pay back with your income. People can vouch for you, and they could have to pay back as well. Either way, pretty save for the banks.
So what happened is that the banks gave out loans that are worth more than the networth of people, supposedly to get more clients as a way of concurrency. And this is all very nice and such, unless you wait a few years and find a country with ~300mln people that have an unpayable debt. So who is going to pay for this debt? The economy.

Samuel Deva:

consumer demand... greed figures in at the holiday gift buying season... people are more self centered than ever, and far too apathic, with regard to, most things of consumerism...


Yes, although with bad parenting, feel good education and a lack of strength and leadership in all human institutions.... Basically, the 2 year olds now rule......


Greed allow with a manipulation of future prices.... The work of gypsies in expensive Italian suits.... Corporate mentality today.....


It is a bit of both. You've got people on both sides that are vying for top dog in this current economic down turn and the battle is in our government as to who will rise as top dog in the problem. We'll never know the full impact of it until long after this current administration has gone and many of the facts will never be presented. Still, it's a bit of both is by far the best answer that I can give you.


Neither, it's bad planning.


You actually answered your own question. It is BOTH.
GREED, proferred by the companies that are taking advantage of us.
The current economic climate, authored by those who wish to take advantage of our willingness to be led as lemmings to the sea.
This is caused by Americans' unwilling / disinclined to "SPEAK UP".
Do you LIKE paying almost $5 per gallon at the pump? OH --- you DON'T?
THEN --- just WHAT are you DOING about it? Nothing? That's right. SIT, and do NOTHING. That's the answer! Keep your mouths SHUT and don't complain. Your elected politicians like that.
That's my point. You complain --- but do NOTHING about it.
How about going after the POLICITICANS that YOU helped put into office?
Find out WHY they're making more money than GOD has --- for doing NOTHING.
There's your answer. It's YOU --- and your fellow VOTING Americans.
There. Did I HELP you?

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