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Why will the UN disarm US and other countries buy all their metal and resources no matter the cost?

UN wants to disarm the US (It's biggest source of income)Also many countries buying up resources from US.Much of that metals, (and buying it at high price as well) now what will the US do when something happens that it needs much metal?( For instance if the war happens)What do you know about this?
Brian P. O'Gorman:

Sounds like another bright idea from the UN brain trust, if it's true. Don't worry, most of us have learned not to listen to the UN anyway.


most of the people I know have thier own weapons, they just arent nuclear :)

Brian P. O'Gorman:

If only there was one at the local pawn shop... ;-)


Yes my friend, this is long standing goal of UN. (disarmament of US)
Why not disarm the most dangerous that threaten India, Israel and other place?
Also go see how much it is to sell the metal. You will be suprised in how much you can get for it, but also watch where the metal goes...
It is somthing you need to be aware of.
Good luck to you!


The United Nations has ALWAYS wanted to become an overarching one world government. The Communist who helped design the UN, Alger Hiss, saw to that.

I have been for the United States pulling our of the UN for my entire adult life. Move the abomination to all of mankind to a nation that fully appreciated tyrannical rule, such as Communist China, where it rightly belongs!

Disarm the United States? I'd rather that we declare war on the United Nations and bomb their disgraceful headquarters off the face of the earth.

Don't worry about us, we have plenty of resources, and if we remove the Communists in our own government, we may actually be able to exploit them! ;-)


Do you know whether the UN plans to impose sanctions against the US if we don't comply? Now,THAT really frightens me!!!



"Frightens" you? You scare pretty easy, don't you? ;-)


I'm just remembering how effective the sanctions were in pre-war Iraq, and the detrimental effect on Iran at present!!! You know!!.... Those friggin' BEASTS at the UN!!!!! :-) !!

Kind &pretty girl:

You can't disarm the largest super power in history! Even it's citizens are armed to the teeth, what do you think that another country or outside governmental agency can declare their own demise? I doubt it!


Probably buy it from over here in Australia. We've got heaps of metal here, but at the moment most of our exports are to China.

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