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Should tax credits be renewed for renewable energy projects?

Congress appears to be deadlocked on renewing tax credits for renewable energy projects such as wind and solar. Could this be the end of our hopes for future renewable energy? Will our children, and their children, still be dependent on oil?

I don't think so. Whoever comes up with a good power system that also powers itself will be rich beyond our dreams. Why give them tax breaks?


Incentives are given to business that don't offer anything to the good of mankind, so why not offer a tax break to the guy who powers his own house with solar or wind?


boy, you better read the tax code and learn something...I am a tax accountant...I KNOW...want the IRC Sections to read?


I gotta say........... no. I don't want to read the IRS tax code. If I did, I could look it up myself, thank you very much. In my answer to the question I stated my opinion that I'd like to be rewarded for getting off the grid? Is there a problem with that?


They do not sunset this year, Ginger...most credits will be in effect until 2010.There are a few that need renewal, they are not what Congress is struggling with, but many other things.


We must not be referring to the same credits. The credits for wind, solar, and other renewables were extended util Dec. 31, 2008. As I understand it, several companies are reluctant to commit funds to projects that may extend too far into 2009,


Not only should the breaks be extended, but they should be EXPANDED. I'd love to be paid to go "off the grid" by powering my house myself.


thats the democrats for you. they are the majority and they can't help.


My, My, how quick we are to blame the democrats. It is the republicans who are blocking the credits for renewable energy.

J Man:

I think energy should be renewed,use less energy as you possibly can, lights out, other electrical appliances, toys or other gadgets that you are not using off, ride bikes, bus walk or carpool to reduce the cost of gas. This is the only way to go


Yes, it could be. Gas and oil haven't come as far as they have without same sorts of support. They don't need them anymore, but they refuse to let go of them and are tossing money at politicians and media to make sure they don't have to. Even if you are only worried about gas prices (and not the air you breath, food you eat and water you drink effecting you, your kids, your mom etc) the best and cheapest way to effect gas prices is to reduce demand. If there are many other users of gasoline offline and using other sources of energy, the demand goes down and so do the prices.

Bring Down Gas Prices - Support Renewable Energy Projects!


I would love to see self reliant energy.. I hate dependency on oil


We need to get rid of the gridlock in congress by getting rid of the present membership. The obvious answer to all of our problems is get new people to solve them. The "old" people in congress can't get past the "party lines" to meet in the middle. Let's send new people that will put "country" first and not "party". I'm tired of " business as usual". Aren't you? If you want a better America for our descendents; then we need to do something now. This congress is in the pockets of "big business". That's why you don't have so much in your pockets. This congress takes from the "poor" and gives to the "rich". I think they like being "Robbing Hoods". It's time for change.


I hear what you are saying, but new people would just belong to the same old parties. Without party support, you stand little chance of getting to congress. Even if you do, you are a tiny minority with no power.


It sounds like you want to give up to easy. We have viable 3rd party candidates in most every state. Every vote that goes against "business as usual" is a vote for change. Stand up and be counted. Vote for who you want to win, not for who you think will win.


I vote for the one whose policies seem most hopeful. Otherwise, my vote is a complete waste. If people hadn't voted for Nader, we would not have got stuck with Bush.

Besides, how do you account for the years of our standing as a prosperous nation? Party politics is nothing new.

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