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With Gas prices going thru the roof, what have you had to do to adjust to it's rising costs?

I've had to cut out some of my entertainment costs, morning gourmet coffee, and eating out costs.
Samuel Deva:

simply eliminate all unnecassary trips - combine trips to accomplish more... cut down on lawn mowing, to once a week... also went to one vehicle, but this is because only one of us works away from the home... We also shop at stores (grocery) that offer a discount on fuel, based on purchases... keep the vehicles tuned up and make sure you have the correct tire pressure, all the time... every ten thousand miles, I change the air filter, too...


I believe that most of us American's have had to readjust their lifestyles within the past year, and it's gonna get worse before it gets any better. Within the past year, the cost of a gallon of gas has risen $3.00 here! And w/each passing month, it only seems to be increasing... What we need to do as Americans, is put more R & D into alternative fuels, and be more self sufficient as a Nation instead of relying on others for fuel. Thanks for your comments! Aloha!


excellent comment as usual my friend.....U R a good guy...


Basically I've tried to avoid making un-necessary journeys which is a bummer because I love nothing more than to get in my car on a Sunday and drive to anyplace that's nice!

Here in Ireland fuel prices have gone mental.
Petrol is averaging at €1.32 ($1.98) per litre while diesel is gone through the roof at a whopping €1.45 ($2.16) per litre

They (the government) have just introduced new laws regarding Vehicle Registration Tax aswell whic helps or doesn't help depending on the engine capacity of your car....basically if your car has high fuel emissions you will pay more tax and vice versa.

Thing is...diesel cars are apparantly more economical therefore they give off less emissions therefore less tax.
But you get absolutely crucified at the pumps when you pay for your diesel......hardly seems fair does it??!!


Diesel was ten cents a litre in Cyprus before joining the EU. Now it's €1.25 and we are waiting on another 15% increase required by the EU. Most of what we pay is tax! I parked my diesel SUV about three years ago. It cost me over a hundred Euros to fill up that beast. The thing is with four kids we need a big car if we all want to go somewhere together. Plus I pay about €800 per year road tax. Most of the time it just sits in my garage! Welcome to Europe!


I hear ya! And totally agree w/ya! This is one of the reasons why, we all should be doing more Research and Developement in alternate fuels in our countries. Be self sufficient instead of relying on product from the very countries who are laughing at us all the way to the bank!!! Mahalo, (Thanks in Hawaiian) for your comments! Aloha! (Hello, Goodbye, & I Love You in Hawaiian) ;)p


I hear ya!! You buy a car out of absolute neccessity and then you get penalised for driving it.
Meanwhile you have government ministers rattling on about the environment and fuel emissions while they themselves get chaufferred about in cars that would emit twice more than mine would!!!


I have almost stopped driving completly. To church on Sunday's and 1 weekly trip to the store. I walk or just don't go anywhere.


I hear ya! I'm almost to the point of getting rid of my vehicle, and start walking it, surfing it, or canoeing it!!! LOL! It's real hard getting rid of my Vette though! I've cut costs on a lot of other things however!!!! Mahalo for your comment! Aloha!!!! ;)p




I hear ya, however w/my luck.....that doesn't always seem to work out!!!! LOL! Mahalo for your comments! Aloha! ;)p


I had to demand a pay rise.


Aloha Johbee!!! Long time no hear! Been away from the site for a while, it was getting to me!!! LOL! One can only take too much back lash if you know what I mean! LOL! And yeppers, I'd demand a nice pay raise too, but I'm the boss!!!! That means I gotta work even harder! Mahalo for your comment! Aloha! ;)p


Hiya Vicky. I know what you mean about this site. Sometimes people can be not so friendly. I'm not on as much as I used to be since I got a raise I really should work more ;). It's not only the gas though. Just go to the supermarket and you'll see that the price of everything has jumped. A loaf of bread is over $3.00 here.


I gave all my employees a $40 a week raise to stop the bitc>>>>>g


ROTFLMAO!!! Bet the bitc*ing is only temporary, for as each moment passes, the Gas prices keep getting higher & higher! Best inform your employees that if they don't start making changes themselves and understand that you've dug deep into your pockets to try to help them in these hard times. Because anymore added costs to the company, and everyone including yourself maybe out of a job altogether!!!! Appreciate your comments! Aloha!


Nothing,just make sure we have groceries is all.I'm sure my man doesn't mind or care going back and forth ,since he doesn't want to buy all of us a cell phone!!!! He is a stubborn man . LOL


ROTFLMAO!!! Sounds like I got a duplicate copy of your Old Man!!! Appreciate your comment! Aloha!


the same as everyone else


Ditto on my responses too! ROTFLMAO!!! Aloha!

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