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If Saudi gas is $.42 a gal, Could we Fed-X or Yellow our weekly needs and save % on the local costs?

With local gas prices of +$4.00 a gal, Could we buy are gas in Saudi at $.42 cents a gal. and ship it Fed-X, Yellow, or Land/Sea to your home/town/USA and save some money at the pump?
Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

I got a better idea.....ship them some $4.95 cent a bushel wheat for some .42 cent a gallon gas........see which they could eat first.


Hello Mac of Moot & Mac:

LOL, I was thinking of shipping Nice cold clear Water, but they have new desolation plants using sea water, Now who sold them that hardware,.... let me think!

Valentin Alsina News:

I think there is an extra charge to ship flammable goods.


It would blow up or burn up in transit.


Sounds good to me!


That would help our ecomony, but don't think it will happen.

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