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The Oracle

What one single thing would solve our economic crisis the best?

Get rid of the strangehold of foreign oil? Full employment of everyone? Return to the gold standard?
The Oracle:

That was to read "stranglehold", but it's a pretty good Freudian slip if I do say so


Getting out of Iraq,


I really don't see that this is a crisis, from where I sit anyway. But the #1 thing in my book is taxes. Not income taxes either. Most people don't pay squat anyhow. I am by know means rich, but i know rich people got there by using their money wisely. Let them spend it, invest it. That is what stimulates the economy and creates new jobs. Not taking it to pay for those who will not work. I do agree we need to get our own oil and tell the middle east to pack sand, pun intended.


We all know the obvious answers are (1) Get the hell out of Iraq, asap (2) Force the oil companies to search for oil using the vast resources they already have available to them (3) Cut out the oil speculators thievery,reduce the price of oil back to $2.00 a gallon, and add a $1.00 federal tax per gallon, until the oil companies find the oil they know is there (4) Elect Obama to change the politics that got us into this crisis to begin with.


cut out !! ALL!! the fringe benefits for elected employees, make them live on a salary with no fringe benefits, stop paying for previous presidents & their famalies after serving in office, stop exploiting taxpayers money by spending billions on endangered trees & foolish stuff like that, spend money on healthcare and medicine for people in the usa first, so that everyone can afford them. cut government spending in half on foolish projects, that is a start of the hundreds we could do. sorry, no one single thing would help, i can think of.


Cut government in half.

The Oracle:

What do you mean exactly? 232 members of Congress?.....what?


Government programs, Diversity panels, Arts and all these other social programs, that are a waste of money, you want art, go paint. Why do we have money allocated to every government building for art? Go buy some pictures, not no $100,000 sculpture. It is stupid, let an artist donate his work. There is a new high school right next to me, my kids go there, I voted for the levy. I was sick when it was completed. All these big brick pillars lining walkways with these ugly chunks of torch cut steel "artwork" on top that serve no purpose. What a waste of money. AW heck it goes on and on.


Oracle, you know what I mean, cut the size of government by half, for starters. Not the number of Congressmen.


Do away with the tax on diesel and raise the gas tax by 50 cents per gallon. Offset the added revenue by cutting the tax rate on the poorest Americans who pay income tax. Every 2 years raise it another 50 cents with more offsetting tax cuts. Give the states more discretion in spending entitlement money. Adopt the McCain health care plan. Which would take away the tax break for business form health care spending and give it to the people,and also make health care portable. Do away with the double taxation on dividends and corporate taxes. We have the one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world.


Short term solutions will only make things worse in the long run. That's why we're in this mess.....because for decades, we have been using short term solutions piled on top of short term solutions. The government needs to stop overspending and start paying off the national debt. The interest on the national debt is sucking up our resource.

Blue Gypsy Rose:

we, the USA, used our money and technology to develop the oil industry in Saudi Arabia and the other countries we import from.....we did it to preserve our beaches and wild life for that we are in need of their gratitude and support, all they have to say is.....YOU FOOL, WON'T YOU EVER LEARN?....WE SNAKES WILL BITE THE HAND THAT FED US!.....soooo......when we will stop electing FOOLS (we have the biggest one coming in Nov.), we will solve our problems!




Reinstall - Bush's Industrial Deregulation of Energy, Housing SEC controls that led this country and the world economies into crisis mode.


We need to cut out all foreign aid saving us billions of dollars that can go toward rebuilding our industries. Those countries we aid don't like us anyway. Getting out of Iraq and closing our bases overseas would also save billions. Balancing the budget to make our dollar stronger. Electing a totally NEW and fiscally responsible congress. There is no single fix. Any of the above would be a good start in the right direction.


I would say for a start to vote in ALL NEW people to the House of Representatives and the Senate and then watch how things begin to improve for our daily lives . Get rid of the OLD status quo.


I don't see a crisis at all, I think if federal taxes were lowered it would sure help.

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