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Is government fiddling while the world burns, do we just eat cake, was I have a dream sold?


Marie ann twanet???!!!!


Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Thanks for the :-) ...ooooo..0000....OOOO roar!!!!

Regards, have a nice night, 22:10 cst


What a wonderful analogy! Fortunately we have a chance to have real leadership return to Washington in a few months. The more I hear Bush speak the more it becomes apparent that he really has no clue what the AVERAGE American is up against.


Hello Beans:

Thanks for the "What a wonderful analogy" I put sometime in the question. :-)
I pulled from 37 BC to 2008 AD.

I am a glass 1/2 full person, Things will get better, spin the wheel...... hold on!



Don't tell me you think BO is an average American? Come on Mr Beans! LOL!


wouldn't it be nice to have a president sound like one and really be one for a change not some front man


And who will be the front man for Barrack Obama should he become the "next" president?

George Soros and his liberal organization COS?

They seem to be controlling his actions at this point in time.

Can Obama really lead without permission from the far left? Hmmm!


I'm with you on this one Blade. The far left made Obama. Whatever you want to hear he will say and then he will do what he is told to do.


And his liberal voting record in Congress Auntie Me certainly supports your comment about the man BO!


"I have a dream" is one of the best quotes ever but I do not see the work accomplished behind the BIG WORDS! Government is on summer vacation!


Hello LISA-007

I love to hear (Mr/Miss XXXXXXX is out to lunch) when I call some government offices.

Some of our government is on summer vacation, and some maybe just "out to lunch".

But for the 30% that are the hard working, Do the best they can day after day, Thanks!



Congress is on Vacation and has been since 2006! ;-)

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