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The Oracle

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in considerable doo-doo.......should the Feds bail them out?

The holdings are SO enormous- they're equal to half the national debt. If not for any other reason than sheer self-survival, should the Feds bail them out?

How, pray tell, do the Feds (who created the problem in the first place) "bail out" a couple of pseudo-governmental agencies that are in hock for seven trillion bucks?

{b]Oh, I know!!! Let's crank up the printing presses! That way we can pay our bills with cheaper dollars and raise the prices of everything. As a bonus, we get to collect even more taxes due to the nature of our progressive taxation. Imagine that. Soon we will all be "rich"! ;-)

The Oracle:

ROFL........but think of the's a LOT of money.


Then we need to order more banknote security paper. We can print the money to pay for that as well. ;-)


Instead of bailing them out, so's they can screw up again...why not just pay everyone's mtgs off.

The Oracle:



Let me help you with business. The Feds created the problem in the first place. Tell me how our government can bail our 2 institutions for over 7 trillion dollars. Do you realize how much money that is. It's 7000 billion dollars.

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