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Cutey with a booty

"U never work for a poorer person"; Tax cut for the rich is good idea for everyone then?

I have my own opinion, but I am wondering if there is any hole in that argument.

You must realize they dion't mean a personal income tax cut!


Great question! And I probably agree with your opinion.
I operate a small business, which employys 5 people "Full-Time" . The business and its assets are worth over a mil. Yet , I often need to dip into Retirement pay in order to make the weekly payroll. ergo, I am a far cry from being welthy, yet I am taxed on the entire business, inventory, and assets every year ($2250.00 monthly) Now let's discuss the matching to employee taxes. Then the "Minimum Wage Increase" (MWI) and the fact that: THIS YEAR THE COST OP OPERATING A SMALL BUSINESS HAS MORE THAN DOUBLED. - BUT THE INCOMING REVENUS HAVE DECREASED 45% For those of you who still don't get it in a nutshell. My highest paid employee is taking home more than I am. If you think the MWI was a good thing, just wait til' next year when you will suddenly, "OWE" INSTEAD OF GETTING A REFUND.


If you still don't get it, here's the math;
BEFORE avg wkly revenue = $1800.00 with 5 employees at Min wage.
Payroll - 5 x $5.35 hr x 40 hrs = $1070.00 Rgr $730.00
Matching (medicare/Fica/Futa Unemp) 1070 x .02 = $21.40 Rgr $708.6
Rgr is remaining gross in. this is before other operating expenses.
NOW decrease in incoming revenue 12% Gr Inc $1584.00
5 x 40 x 5 x $2.15 (MIW) = $430.00 (pay incr) + $1070.00 = $1500.00 ???
Remaining gross income = $84.00 whoops for matching tax incr.
1500 x .02 (?) new tax bracket? each Min Wage Employee went from $11,128.00 per anum to $15,600.00 per anum now x.035 = $52.5
OK, Who’s getting laid off, and who gets fired?
only $31.50 left and still need to pay the utilities! But The IRS GOT THEIRS!!

Cutey with a booty:

Agree. I like Obama, but I don't like him when he says he will roll back Bush's tax cut.... Too bad McCain is also now going back on his promise not to raise "some taxes". Last thingt we need is higher taxes!


Tax cuts are a good idea, especially in a sinking economy. I don't begrudge other getting a break on taxes, even if I don't....everyone should get a break, but the way politics works, you have to take what you can get.
Tax cuts, up to a point, are also good for the federal budget. Kennedy cut taxes to stimulate the economy, which resulted in more revenue for the federal government. Other presidents have tried this, and it also worked for them.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

Yes. However it isn't very easy to support politically. Human nature and cognitive dissonance tends to make people in general distrustful of the rich and assume they are somehow undeserving of their success.

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