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Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!

Can socialism and capitalism live in the same house?

China poses a dilemma for our conservative economists and politicians. In one way it's a socialist (communist) government and society, but at the same time it is exploiting its people to create a western-style society of entrepreneurs, businesses, investments and trade so that it can compete in the global market place. I'll be interested to hear President Bush's comments on his visit to the county for the Olympics. I wonder if he'll come home with the same comment he made when met Russian President Putin: (To paraphrase) "I looked into the eyes of the Chinese people and saw a government I can trust."
Home grown:


Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

They already have. In fact, the Chinese government is a major player in helping us balance our check book. It has invested almost $1 \trillion ( $1,000,000,000,000) in purchases of US Treasury bonds. The Chinese government is now considered to be the world's largest creditor nation with investment throughout the world. The last time we were the world's leading creditor nation was in 1987. Since then we have become a debtor nation.


The world will have to wait for an answer about living together in the same house. China is one very big experiment at this time.
No industrialized nation has achieved its status without exploitation of the populace or some segment of the society.
I sincerely doubt that Mr. Bush will say anything resembling what he said about Putin's Russia. There is too much going on in China at the moment to make a comment that could backfire.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks for answering. In September 63 years ago I was part of a Marine detachment that landed in North China to disarm the Japanese garrisons that ruled that nation for almost a decade. Assigned to an intelligence unit, I had an opportunity to cross that nation from its North China port city to it's Great Wall. What impressed me the most was the Chinese people. Even then after a decade ofr repression by the Japanese, they were still able to smile and you could tell that within they were able to contain their rebellious outburst. The silence behind the smile spoke louder than words.

For that reason I disagree with the notion that China is "big experiment." Even though it is a vast nation, it's a nation of resilient people. China has come a long way since then to become a modern nation, not because of Mao Tzetung or a Communist style government. For the most part that inner silence and a passion of the people to succeed dispite adversity has been the driving force.

Blue Gypsy Rose:

He will say: "I looked into the eyes of the Chinese people, but couldn't see anything do to the air pollution"

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Great comment. President Bush's trip to the Olympics will be his fifth visit to China. He must be a pretty good salesman, because the Chinese government has already invested almost a trillion dollar in US treasury bonds to help support his deficit spending policies.


If you ask in China...about you know what they will answer?..............They will answer "Mao was 70% correct and 30% wrong".....That's the words of the party...and that's how everyone in there are taught to say..............................................................................And that is called 'living in the same house' ;)

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks for answering. I'm sure than Mao is revered in China. After all he is the founding father of modern China, whether we like it or not. And I'm equally sure there are millions of dissident voices, heard and unheard, in China dispite the dramatic economic changes taking place. As you point out, unlike our system of governments where political parties help us express differences of public opinion from extreme left to extreme right, China still has a one-party political system. It's Mao way or no way!


They already do. Public school, public transportation...alongside small businesses all in the same country! (U.S.A of course) ;)

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Sometimes we fail to realize, as you point out, that we do live in a society where socialism and capitalism co-exist, If one defines socialism as "single party" government rule, then for the most part of the Bush-Cheney administration with it's Republican Congressional majority and a similar Supreme Court majority our system of government has been "single party" rule, like it or not. If one defines socialism as a "populous" movement of the people then you can see those same elements within our system, except the popular name for this movement by capitalist is "main stream."


Under socialism it's a dog eat dog world. Under capitalism the reverse is true.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks for your answer. What I find strange about your definition is that you fail to recognize one important difference between the two systems --- "competition." Under a socialist economic system, the government is the principal owner and thus no competition. Under a capitalist system, the whole idea is to create "dog eat dog." competition through privatization.


That system will self destruct.
That is my prediction.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks for your interest and your prediction.

J Man:

not always

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks. You're probably right. It depends on which side of the political fence your standing at the moment.


No way!

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks for interest.


At any time the government of China can seize anything including profits from any company it's not capitolism, it's an illusion of capitolism.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Gosh, I sure hope your observation is wrong. I don't know if you realize that the Chinese government has invested almost a trillion dollars in US treasury securities. That's no illusion. That's a real threat to our system. If they decide to cash-in, then what will we do???


That's a nation to nation transaction, communist countries CAN do that, but individuals in China don't really have any of the profits, their nation has it for them, and they still have an uneven distribution of wealth.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

It's no illusion. My question is intended to bring out the facts about China's growing economic empire so that doubters like you can recognize what's happening in the real world. So please read:

New accounts opened at Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges soars

China's bullish stock markets are creating an enthusiastic response among Chinese investors. Hundreds of thousands of people are opening trading accounts. The number of new accounts opened daily is nearly 35 times more than a year ago.
Market enthusiasm is generating an average of 90-thousand new accounts a day at the two stock exchanges on the Chinese mainland. A stock trader is allowed only one personal account on each of the two bourses, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
Turnover on the Shanghai Exchange hit a record 104 billion yuan, Wednesday, bringing combined trades on the two bourses to over 150 billion yuan.

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