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Is there anything positive coming from the Iraq war?

I am thinking in terms of people actually being motivated to find a way for the US to not be so dependent or foreign oil, the implementation of more methanol, the fact that farmers now have a product to make money with,and other things like that. Anyone care to point something out? I'm not interested in hearing about how freedom is better for the Iraqi people or other debatable topics.

I can only think of one area of knowledge that has benefitted, Military Sciences.

Samuel Deva:

Congress will hardly be allowed to forget the energy lesson, but will they act on securing our own domestic supply of fuel or just sit back and do it all over again ??? We have to elect persons to congress that have the constituency's interests in mind to accomplish this energy course of action, not just merely lining their own pockets... Term limits would be a good start...


More freedom now and in the future than the Iraqis have ever known. And Kurds aren't being killed by WMDs.


for corporations plenty


Oh not for the american soldiers and iraqis that have died in this unjustified war but sure for the following things it went extremely positive and they are laughing about it and enjoying the benefits they have gotten from cotracts there:

1. OIL companies2. Bush, McCain and chenney family (Cartel company)3. Shias in Iraq4. Iran (now is strong in iraq because of shias)5. kurds now has autonomie never had before6. the private military companies7. Al-Qaida got stronger and made bases in iraq trained people and now sending them to every other part of the world.8. Thief's in iraq stealing loads of money9. Companys releated to military contracts that were given to them.10. and many may more ..........

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