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Wold you like to help enable Churches to issue Gerah for their flock during the comming economy?


Sorry JerryMc. I am expected to know about this stuff and couldn't come up with a method to help the working man. As you may know, I have been working on this potential economy for many years. I read about a man during the depression (Orlando) who used land dollars. When I learned of God's plan given to Moses my first thought was that It would not work today. But after a lot of math, I realized that the money system has not changed much since. Gold continues to be valued at about 14 times silver. Alexander the Great changed it to 10 times silver but over time it worked its way back to 14 time silver. The gerah is backed by a days labor. The jews used it to great advantage after they left Egypt. So a secular idea that will also work is land dollars. But it may not be legal now because it may be considered currency.


no . hell no, sounds crazy to me




I like the idea. The only drawback I see is that it is related to religion. I would participate in such an endeavor if it were secular.

Valentin Alsina News:

Congratulations on a great idea. I hope you get alot of people invovled.

No skinny:

My leap of faith is to say no and I am a Baptist by choice!!

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