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Does Obama wear socks made in China?

Yes, I am mocking the reich wing.

lol, especially considering the Olympics etc


No, his are French silk from virgin worms.


Ha ha haaaa! Virgin worms! Ha ha!!


Nah. He just gets his American flags from China like most of the country.


Plus the US Olympic uniforms... that also come from China even though the contract was awarded to a US company.


Yikes! I hadn't heard that.


Everything is basically made in China, so for you to try and mock Obama is crazy when you are doing and wearing the same thing, by the way next time you salute that american flag something to think about being that it is made in CHINA


I am not mocking Obama. I am mocking the reich wing rhetoric machine. You know the ones... ND, Real Me (Cave dude)... all the morons who spend their days looking for something stupid to say about Obama.

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