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Has the Olympic increased your desire to visit China?

The Oracle:

Anything BUT. These are the GENOCIDE OLYMPICS, China is directly responsible for Darfur and furthermore, displaced 1,500,000 of it's won Beijing residents to make way for the Olympics, THE GENOCIDE OLYMPICS. Yes, it's a beautiful country, the facilities are beautiful, I'd love to walk on the Great Wall, but what they have done is so repugnant and disgusting, I cannot in good conscience allow myself this pleasure.


Hi there, thanks for answering. As for China's role in Darfur, it can be argued that the US is doing the same in the Israeli -Palestinian issue. As to displacement for wanted land, it is also practiced here in West although not in high scale nowadays.
I am only putting the other side of the argument to illustrate that we all have problems in our own countries but by encouraging good behavior we can all benefit.

The Oracle:

Thanks for your comment as well, but I cannot agree on the comparison you made........We do not go into the Israeli-Palestine situation to get their resources any which way we can and on top of it, block any EVEN HUMANITARIAN aid so that we can perpetuate that. Nor do we go and burn entire villages, cut the penises of all the children in a village and put them in their mothers arms to bleed to death, after of course, having raped the mothers first- sometimes so badly their bodily functions cease. Or cut off the arms off all the little children and put them in a heap so they cannot be inoculated. This is a genocide of epic and ghastly proportions........there is no comparison here whatsoever. As to promoting good will, I'm all for it, but that's kind of like the Mafiosi donating money to the church after they've killed half the people in their parish......


ALL the same whether you do that by hand or by high tech. The point I am trying to make is that no country can claim the moral high ground but we as the citizens of the world should praise them for any good they do and encourage them for the benefit of all as well as criticizing them for any wrong doings. To say either 100% or 0% doesn't really work in politics I am afraid. Thanks Oracle for your comment.

The Oracle:

You're always welcome ADAM.

John P:

Heck no.

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