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what's the importance of gold being used?


gold, has a substance chemical that is harmless to humans due to its stable condition. this chemical is also found in nicotine. therefor, wearing gold near your head can be like a substitute for tobacco that smokers use to quit. however, if youve never smoked or chewed, it wont affect you at all because you have never experienced it. dont experience it. its bad. also gold is used as jewlery. its like our own 21st centry style of decoration of the body. hundreds of thousands years back, homonids {early humans} used things like shells and shiny rocks as ornaments. sometimes as piercings and sometimes like necklaces or bracelets. obviously though they didnt know how to make strings. it was mostly on plant lines and things like that. thats what scientists say.


Very interesting info Uncle! I've heard of folks buying gold leaf and eating it. I thought they were so wasteful, etc.. and still basically do..but now I understand some what,, getting rid or helping with addictions. Thank You! xo:)


Nonsense. BS masquerading as science.


In what, or for what ?

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