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I think we are already in a recession, what do you think?


Not really sure of the "criteria" needed to define recession...but...the way many are putting it ["Vernaki won't say the "r" word, but....], I suspect we are darn close--IF--not already there:(


The meaning of recession is a downslide of economy showed in a period of six months or longer so I'd have to say Yes my budget is in a recession.


No, at least not yet. Slowdown, indeed, yes. Is a recession possible, yes. Will one happen- depends. Do I sound Allan Greenspan enough ?


Yes you do Russ..............but I think I probably trust YOU more than he. So thanks for your answer:)


I agree. Record number of foreclosures. It's a mess out there.


I think "record number of foreclosures" is a bit [actually a LOT] misleading: that whole major mess is actually far more complicated [my opinion based on my research, reading....] than what the media would have us believe. Certainly could be wrong--would not be the first time:)


my business is booming right now I'm in commercial construction in atlanta. sales and rental of commercial property is high no recession here


yes we are.

J Man:

not just yet

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