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maybe the ones that want work i seen a young man holding a sign that said will work for food i stopped and told him i had about 3 days work cleaning a building i was working on and i would pay him 10.00 per hour his reply was i didn't recon i needs the money that bad


not all can do that, helping elder parents grandparents and those babies and children must be tended to.


jobless people need education and a moral boost... educations always helps


unless of course they CAN'T work for some reason


yup right next to people who go to a web site and agree to abide by their rules and then go back on their word proving that what they say is worthless or they tell lies,
when you came to this site you agreed to not post in all caps.. it is considered yelling at folks..
you can not put a blanket order like that into effect , without knowing the circumstances of each jobless person...
each jobless person is different...
all who can work should,, all fathers should support their children... how big will the beaurocracy for your plan be and what will it cost. no "single mom" should automatically get more money for having another child without a father.. she did not make it by her self.... she can't work with 3 or 4 kids hanging on to her skirts... what will you do with her?
the dopehead kids who quit school... what about them,, how can they will need an army of thousands to control the problem....your basic idea is good.... it just does not work... it is not enforceable..... it has been tried.... maybe you have a solution... if so.. go for it...


You my friend are a real loser!!! Oh by the way bigfoot , why dont you stick those rules where the sun dont shine ,Newbie!!!!


no. it is there desicion to make.


Make them earn their keep by working?? Now that's just downright inhumane and cruel. I mean really, why would they want to learn a skill and become self-sufficient. It's easier to take the gov't handouts. This way they become relient on the gov't. Just like the Dems want.


no, im jobless, who wants to work in this stupid society?


Right. Why work when everything is handed to you. If society is so "stupid", why are you still here?

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